I’m Happy When I’m Planning

Enter…The Happy Planner!

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Nesting Vibes

So I hear that pregnant ladies tend to want to nest as they progress through their pregnancies. I wasn’t expecting it to hit me as soon as it did (not that i’m a last minute kinda gal), but hello nesting fever is in full force over here!

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Keep Track of All the Things!

I was lucky enough today to have a spare moment between scanning patients to put together a small to do list. I am a compulsive list maker and I just love having a place to set aside all of my thoughts and such to kind of ‘mellow out’ my brain. Sometimes there are just too many things to keep it all straight, even with the help of a calendar or day planner.

I used to use a proper day planner for all of my shifts at work (when I worked 2 separate jobs at 4 different hospitals). It kept things quick at hand and easy to know where I was going on any given day. More recently (the past year or so) I’ve switched to having everything on my phone calendar. It is helpful because I can take a screen shot and send it to the hubby so he knows how are weekends are looking each month, and what time I start/finish work each day (helps with dinner prep!).

Today though, I needed a list of all of my July “To-Do’s”. I knew it was going to be an intense list, but I really wasn’t expecting it to end up being so long. As we get closer and closer to September (and as such, my sister’s wedding), more and more items pop up. I am glad to note that I managed to make reservations for dinner on the Saturday night that we’re up at the chalet i’ve rented. I even managed to get them at the restaurant she marked as her “top choice” in the area. WOO!

Then I noted that .. oh, wow, thats at the end of this month and there are a LOT of other things happening between now and then which will just make time fly. We are at an engagement party this Saturday (looking forward to taking LOADS of photos!), then having friends over the next weekend. July 23 we’re at a wedding and the 24th I’m at my sisters first bridal shower (for the family and friends located close to where she lives). Then BAM! Bachelorette party weekend. As soon as we’re back from there, its the second shower for our family that lives close to our parents.

Then… I think (pray more like it!) that i’ve got a weekend or two to just recuperate! So this list went from “make reservations, decided what food you’re bringing to the bachelorette party, etc” to something like

  1. Discuss shower with mum
    1. Make paper flowers (<expect a blog post on this too!)
    2. Make little bunting/banners (<probably wrapped into the blog post about paper flowers)
  2. Book reservations (check!)
  3. Pick up mason jars, loose leaf tea = create shower favours
  4. Get a wedding card for R&L
  5. Pick a photo from the engagement shoot, have it printed…
    1. get a frame with a mat << bring to engagement party to have friends/family sign it
  6. burn engagement photos to a dvd
  7. etc etc etc
  8. Basically i managed to find WAY more than “7 things to do” (see video below… ongoing joke with the hubby)

Hopefully I keep my head on straight and managed to stay ahead of the game. I’m off to create some more paper flowers now >> hopefully I’ll have a fun DIY post in the near future!



Hope you enjoy!