Photos for Friends

Hey Internet Family (and actual family?)

Remember last post I mentioned that the hubby and I had the opportunity to take some maternity photos for our friends? Well, I heard back from the Mom-to-Be and she’s totally cool with me including some photos in today’s blog post! Brilliance… if you’re interested in seeing some photos of a gorgeous woman and her amazing baby bump, read on! *Warning – I’m also including an update of that whole day haha… continue at your own risk!

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Snuggles & Snacks

I’m lucky to have had an extra long weekend this past round thanks to my work having a holiday on the second Monday of November & not booking me to work on the Tuesday following that. Usually having a three day weekend is stellar, but four days off randomly without asking makes me constantly feel like I’m not where I’m supposed to be (ie: I messed up and I’m at home while I’m supposed to be at work). 

Regardless, I was feeling a touch run down earlier in the week, so the extra extra day off made a big difference in how I was feeling. I’ve been getting nice long sleeps at night, not necessarily uninterrupted, but long sleeps nonetheless. And taking it easy when I can throughout the daytime. 

This past Sunday I experienced my first pregnancy nosebleed. I hadn’t had a nosebleed in AGES so it was quite unexpected (if you read the last blog post, that was part of the reason I needed stain remover). Otherwise I haven’t had any crazy pregnancy issues pop up – we go in for a full day of appointments soon, so I’m hoping good luck and good health keeps me trucking til then. 

On my Monday off I woke up with the hubby (he got his holiday on Friday) and had some breakfast shortly after he left for the day. Usually my days off begin the same way: breakfast and The Weather Network on TV. Monday was no different, though after a while I switched to the fireplace channel to listen to some classical music while I thought about my day. 

I managed to sort out my priorities for the day and pulled a cottage roll out of the freezer to defrost; ran a hot water + bleach mix through the washing machine (empty) to get it all tidied up (sometimes the cats close the door and it can get a bit musty smelling in there…yay front loader); and put all of the remaining laundry away that the hubby did on Friday. After that I got dressed into some gym clothes, filled up my water bottle and headed out for a workout – Monday is almost always legs day for me, just with lighter weights now. I finished with a near 30 minute walk on the treadmill after lifting.

Lunch was the next priority – two fried eggs (yolks broken) on a whole wheat tortilla with a dribble of ketchup and some shredded cheese + a banana walnut bran muffin for dessert…But then I wanted a salad too and was cold, so I made a hot cocoa. 

The rest of my Monday consisted of snuggling with my kittens under my big homemade ripple blanket while blogging and crocheting a baby blanket (for my own little nugget, oh my goodness). I’m following another pattern from Attic 24 – The Granny Stripe. I’ve made blankets a plenty with this pattern and it never gets old. My favourite blanket that I’ve made with this pattern was for my Grandma; a bright and colourful stripe using red heart acrylic yarn. She loves it because it’s nice and heavy and keeps her very warm. For my current blanket, I’m making a winter white and grey stripe using Bernat Blanket yarn (it’s very thick and soft & I imagine it will work up very fast too).

To round out my Monday there was more snuggling with the kitties and a photography attempt at capturing the super moon. We saw it on our Sunday evening stroll, but thought it was supposed to be biggest on Monday night…we were confused haha. To make up for it, enjoy a picture of one of our kitties.

Fingers crossed I have some super moon photos ready to go by next post!



This last week has been quite the adventure – very busy, but with all great lovely things. I was eager to begin the work week to really get the ball rolling because I had my first week-day off since coming back from ‘modified duty’ post surgery. Needless to say (but i’m obviously saying it anyways) I was PUMPED for my day off.

…but I had to get there first…

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A Celebration of Love

Hello Again darlings! Two posts in two days, I must be doing something right, eh?

This is going to be very light on words, but heavy on emotion and romance. I am happy to say that i’ve finished editing the video clips from the wedding my hubby and I attended two weekends ago. You can check out this post here to see a few photos that I took during the event. Otherwise, if you’re feeling ALL the feels, take a look-see at the video I created for my two amazing friends…


Hope you two darlings LOVE it — I sure enjoyed editing the footage. I really hope it helps you to remember all the magic that went into your big day. Thank you SO much for including us!!!


*Coming up soon: Another Bridal Shower!

Feeling all the feels.

Sometimes life can get ridiculously overwhelming. Like hella crazy where you don’t even think there’s time to catch your thoughts before they’re running all mad like again. Right now my life feels a LOT like that.

Blogging is a great outlet for all of those thoughts that get swirled around inside our heads when we’re overwhelmed and losing it a little bit. Today’s post will be an expression of thoughts – a way for my to purge my mind of a little too much turmoil.

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Time Well Spent

Warning: NOT a short post today! haha is it ever??

Does anyone else feel like there is a push to do more/be more/have more?? That more often than not, we’re constantly pushing to accomplish more and more in less time? Quite frequently I feel like I have to give something up in order to take on a new adventure because there is just too much going on.

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Bucket List & all kinds of Frisson

It comes as no surprise just how much I LOVE photography and more recently videography. There is always a strong pull to document anything that brings joy and happiness to my life, and pictures are a perfect way to freeze those moments.

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Party Planning

Last week I had the pleasure of a day off and it was all sorts of productive. I had planned a trip home (only about a 1hour and 30minute drive) to hangout with my mum and hopefully sneak in a surprise visit to my Grammie who lives another 30min past my parents.

My husband also had some vacation time overlapping my day off and a big part of me wanted to just hangout with him at home all day BUT we both needed to have some productivity in our non-work lives.

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iMovie Video Update

Hey darlings!

Do you remember just a few days ago (yep, 4 days ago) I wrote a post about using iMovie?

I had taken some video clips while shooting my sister’s engagement photos (along with “the hubby” << I think thats just what i’ll refer to him here as for now). Initially I really didn’t have any plans for the clips because I had never edited video before, but I thought “I’ve got time (lies – I have little time), why not try to throw together a little video for them as a surprise?”  Continue reading iMovie Video Update

Stormy Skies

Hey lovelies!

Just about to get ready to head over to my sister’s engagement party. I thought I’d do a very quick update full of snapshots from the crazy storm that passed through Friday evening. 

It was the first time I’d ever seen a decent shelf cloud – gorgeous! I really got super excited, so much so that the hubby and I toddled off to the end of our street to catch a better view. I’m only uploading the photos I took with my phone right now. Hopefully tomorrow ill have time to edit photos from a few recent adventures. 

Stay tuned and check back often to see:

  • More bridal shower adventure prep
  • Engagement photos & mini film
  • Ontario storm (pics/video)
  • Pig roast party 

Look out below for a fun cellphone pic or two. Video coming soon! 

Second photo is (c) The Hubby . You can see our awesome neighbors out front too.

Obviously we took shelter on our front porch once it got intense. Didn’t rain as much as we would’ve liked (poor grass), but ill take what I can get. 

Did anyone else get a good summer storm? Let me know in the comments! Id love to see photos or videos of your crazy weather. 

Til next time!