I’m Happy When I’m Planning

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You Glow Girl

Last week I was invited by an acquaintance from the gym to a ladies only “Glow Night.” I won’t lie, I was a bit apprehensive because I really only sorta knew the woman inviting me, but wouldn’t know anyone else there. Situations like that kinda make me nervous and usually prevent me from adventuring out of my shell. 

After getting a bit more information about what exactly a glow night entailed, and seeing that it was on a Wednesday (my usual night off from the gym) I decided it could be a fun night out. Add to that the fact that the hubby is in Boston, MA until late tomorrow and I was due for some time with fun loving ladies.

After a long day at work, I decided to squeeze in an upper body (mostly back) workout at the gym. I worked my lats, triceps, delta, and upper/middle traps. Did a brief power walk after that to grab some extra steps (yay over 10k) and headed home for dinner. I nibbled some yummy leftovers, unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher, and threw in a load of laundry before heading to the glowy session.

There were 7 ladies in total all with yoga mats and most of us brought pillows too. We were gifted with little mason jars of water, a citrine crystal, and a tea light for the evening and we got to keep the crystal. The session began with some meditation, then an ice breaker or two to get the conversation flowing. After opening we took time to enjoy tiny snacks (an almond, a mint leaf, and a segment of orange). This was to help us understand and realize the nuances of the foods we were tasting. 

We then set up for some painting. We had small 8×10 canvases and got to selected a few tubes of acrylic paint. Our goal was to create a sort of abstract piece that represented the journey our lives had taken up to that point. I selected a lovely metallic purple lavender paired with an oliv green and a hint of gold. As my painting progressed I decided to add a few splashes of orange and some darker burgundy to give it s bit more contrast. Looking at it now it reminds me of a flower with many leafy tendrils – and I guess that kinda makes sense: of the many paths we try in life, eventually our story blooms into something magical.

I am eager to hear what the next glow night will involve. It was mentioned there could be a makeup night, a song and dance night. I suggested a bonfire and/or picnic… So maybe that will happen in the future.

I will keep ya posted, until then…

Night night!