Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay so this is a few days late because I put up the last post on my actual birthday. At least this way I can tell you all how the whole day went!

On Wednesday, February 1st my twenties were left in the dust as I took a bold step into my thirties. I am going to be completely boring and tell you I didn’t do too much to celebrate on the actual day… more celebrations are upcoming: a treat day at the spa today and celebrating with my family on the weekend. Read on if you’re at all curious!

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 Life adventures

The month of May was a whirlwind around here! It started out just as any other month – full of work, trips to the gym, and Tuesday evening dates with our friend (we run then have dinner while watching “our” tv show). We hosted Mother’s Day here at our home and had my side of the family over on Sunday, while on Saturday (after getting called into work), we went to visit my in laws

Mostly we were biding our time until mid May when I was scheduled for surgery. This may seem outta the blue, and kinda random for one of my first blog posts: about 5 years ago I found out I needed a pacemaker, but on a happier note my doctor was comfortable with me waiting until my symptoms progressed. I was born with a significant heart abnormality that required 7.5 hrs of surgery, and since that time I’ve done quite well.

Back in March I had a pretty bad presyncopal episode and my EP doc decided we couldn’t wait any more. After a lot of phone tag and a very long MRI appointment, the date was set. I was nervous, but in the grand scheme of things I knew it was a relatively easy procedure. My mother in law and my Dad both have cardiac devices and a lot of my patients let me know it really was an easy thing to do – just a long recovery period of minimal arm motion.

It was supposed to be a day procedure, but it did not run smoothly. The 45min procedure took 2hrs… And that wasn’t the worst part. Because of the difficulty, my lung was nicked and I had a large hematoma (which basically meant I was gonna get a nasty bruise, nbd). Because of the lung situation, they kept me overnight expecting it to heal itself with time. Yep. Nope.

The next day I had a chest tube put in and hooked up to suction. It stayed in for around 3 days and eventually when they removed it I could breathe SO much better. My husband stayed with me the entire time and both our families came to visit. A received a lot of positive vibes and happy thoughts and my goodness it was helpful.

IT has been 19 days since my surgery and I’m feeling pretty good considering all that happened. My hubby went back to work this last week and I started back on Monday (yesterday) with modified duties until my 6wks is up. It has been very difficult to sit and relax (oh woe as me, I know) but I’m just so used to doing things when I’m not working… I managed to get a bit of basic house tidies accomplished here n there and my hubby took me back to the gym last Thursday night for a supervised workout of VERY lightweight leg exercises. It felt great to be back in the gym! I am excited to progress through my recovery and slowly get back to my usual workouts & routines.

Check back here for more pacemaker adventure updates and news on my current crafts. Big blanket tadah post is in the works!!