Happy Hair Adventures

If you’ve looked at my bio-page (take a sneak peak!), you will have read that I am absolutely in love with having magical, colourful hair. I have definitely had a dizzying array of hairstyles over the course of my 29 years, and quite a few in this last year and a half alone.13483100_10153876697278710_6009406649556056025_o

Pre-wedding, I had medium length hair that was mostly always in a braid of some sort. Add a splash of blue hair-dye and that braid is on the next level! Then I’d get bored and have it all chopped off into a cute bob (still with blue, or whatever colour tickled my fancy at the time).




When the hubby and I (pre-wedding days) talked about one day getting married, I decided to play it safe and start the process of growing out my hair and all of its magical colours.

It took me about 4 years, but I managed to dye the blue (which had migrated to green/turquoise over time) to a reddish-brown and then kept snipping the ends until it was all my natural dark brown hair.


It did not last long. 6 days post wedding (guys, not even a week!), I was at the salon asking them to dye it half green for my (to celebrate Christmas, of course). It looked AWESOME! All long flowing dark brown hair with green and the such-like. Beaut!

Fast forward to past the festive season and we were ready to embark on our honeymoon to the tropics… guys, come on, you know the colour had to change! The hubster dyed TWO FEET of hair (i’m not kidding, we measured) a lovely turquoise blue. I was a mermaid and it was amazing. The colour was perfect for our tropical getaway and I got many comments on it (probably not all good, but whatever, i loved it!).

Boredom strikes at the best of times though, and as a birthday treat to myself, i decided to hack it all off. We went from a good 24″ of hair and off it went, back into a neat-n-tidy stacked bob. But then of course… cutting it feels so great and freeing. So cut it again and again, right? Seems like a great idea!

Thats how I came to have a lovely girly mohawk (better than the one I had in grade 10). It is very hard to find a hairdresser in a new city when you are so attached to your hair. I followed some recommendations and met a lovely young girl at a salo13502760_10153881227263710_4568966816792602969_on in my new city. She did a great job of cutting my hair into a wicked “under-cut” style (and always had fun thinking of new designs). She has however taken some time off recently and I was in desperate need of a cut. Enter another recommendation and i’m in SALON LOVE! Very affordable cuts with a lady that knows her stuff. I am sold.

This past weekend I was invited to a bachelorette party in honour of my great friend. Her wedding is 4 weeks away and we’re all getting very excited. I knew that I definitely needed the hair taken care of before Saturday, so last friday I tried out the new hair dresser. She did an amazing job!! I’m really glad I managed to get in so quickly and i’m already excited to go back and have a new design shaved in when its time for a cut.

Lots of editing to do from the weekend, keep checking back in here to see some photos of our weekend adventure! All i’ll say: good food, good friends, great wine!