Fast. Faster. FASTEST.

The nights are long, but the years are oh so short.

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Feeling Festive?

Hello All,

Well I hate to say it, but Christmas 2016 went by in a blur. As i’m sure it did last year and the year before that. I still can’t believe that after all of the build up and excitement, its all over!

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All Hallow’s Eve

Otherwise known as my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE time of the year! Though, if we’re being honest, I love pretty much every holiday (i’m aware Hallowe’en isn’t technically a holiday… but it should be!).

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When Witches Go Riding…

& Black Cats are seen, the moon laughs & whispers “‘Tis near Hallowe’en.”

I just love that quote! 

With Hallowe’en Monday fast approaching, the hubby and I are semi-frantically trying to finish up any & all spooky prep for the big day. We are having some friends over this coming Saturday for a mini costume party.  The hubby is planning on setting up a photo booth area complete with festive props & im currently focused on finishing up the final details for my costume. I am anticipating a low keep soirée on Saturday with a handful of friends, their kiddo(s) & a selection of dastardly  desserts & eerie entrées. Luckily everyone is pretty on point with the potluck style event, so only a few of the main items will be made by yours truly. 
I’m really going to try to make time for “witches fingers.” We made these yummy cookies when I was a kiddo & they were a lot of fun. Pretty simple too – a little slivered almond to create a “fingernail” & a dab of red icing gel to stick said almond in place.  Tadah, you’ve got yourself a disgusting looking (but oh so tasty) treat! 

Other yummy items – a macaroni cheese baked casserole with BLACK NOODLES!!! can you tell I’m pumped about this? I figure with the orange-y cheese & the black shell noodles combined is gonna look quite halloweenie 🙂

Dessert will include a fruit tray & some candies. I’m planning on making graveyard puddings (chocolate pudding + chocolate crumbs on top + a mini tombstone) in these fun martini glasses we have. And probably something else dessert like. 

The main course items will include a soup made by my neighbour, Swedish style meatballs from our friend Kendra, & a zombie face meatloaf a la moi (thank you pinterest for the idea – check our my spooky stuff board by following the link on the left!).

Our front yard is beginning to look very frightening. We are so very lucky to have the greatest neighbours who are jusy as pumped about seasonal decor as we are.  Last year they built a “toe pincer coffin” complete with flickering lights around it & this year Paul built the facade of a mausoleum! Is going between our front porches abs will have a grim reaper motion activated prop hanging in the middle. Throw in a creepy green light, some thunder noises, & a strobe light & we’re talking frightening! 

The hubby and I have expanded our cemetery fencing (being painted as I type this), two skeleton figures: a 5 ft posable skeleton & a sound/motion activated wolf skeleton that howls at the moon.  It was my big treat this year. We are improving our fog machine chiller this year too in the hopes the the fog lays lower to the ground for a more mysterious effect.

I’m going to include a few photos here of the set up by day. Not all of the props are out because we will only have them out in Monday night (we don’t want anyone to snatch them). 

A panoramic view of the front yard

Close up of our cemetery fence post

Jack-o-lanterns: back & right (mine), front left (hubby)

Spider webs, Halloween wreath that I made, & creepy drapery

We will probably take more photos on Halloween night when it’s all up & running. I’m hoping we get a lot of trick-or-treaters this year! 

Ill try to update more frequently – I really have no excuse ♡


Ps – aiming to have a post about the costume party, life updates,  & maybe I’ll finally get around to posting some photos from my sister’s wedding!