Happy Hair Adventures

If you’ve looked at my bio-page (take a sneak peak!), you will have read that I am absolutely in love with having magical, colourful hair. I have definitely had a dizzying array of hairstyles over the course of my 29 years, and quite a few in this last year and a half alone.13483100_10153876697278710_6009406649556056025_o

Pre-wedding, I had medium length hair that was mostly always in a braid of some sort. Add a splash of blue hair-dye and that braid is on the next level! Then I’d get bored and have it all chopped off into a cute bob (still with blue, or whatever colour tickled my fancy at the time).




When the hubby and I (pre-wedding days) talked about one day getting married, I decided to play it safe and start the process of growing out my hair and all of its magical colours.

It took me about 4 years, but I managed to dye the blue (which had migrated to green/turquoise over time) to a reddish-brown and then kept snipping the ends until it was all my natural dark brown hair.


It did not last long. 6 days post wedding (guys, not even a week!), I was at the salon asking them to dye it half green for my (to celebrate Christmas, of course). It looked AWESOME! All long flowing dark brown hair with green and the such-like. Beaut!

Fast forward to past the festive season and we were ready to embark on our honeymoon to the tropics… guys, come on, you know the colour had to change! The hubster dyed TWO FEET of hair (i’m not kidding, we measured) a lovely turquoise blue. I was a mermaid and it was amazing. The colour was perfect for our tropical getaway and I got many comments on it (probably not all good, but whatever, i loved it!).

Boredom strikes at the best of times though, and as a birthday treat to myself, i decided to hack it all off. We went from a good 24″ of hair and off it went, back into a neat-n-tidy stacked bob. But then of course… cutting it feels so great and freeing. So cut it again and again, right? Seems like a great idea!

Thats how I came to have a lovely girly mohawk (better than the one I had in grade 10). It is very hard to find a hairdresser in a new city when you are so attached to your hair. I followed some recommendations and met a lovely young girl at a salo13502760_10153881227263710_4568966816792602969_on in my new city. She did a great job of cutting my hair into a wicked “under-cut” style (and always had fun thinking of new designs). She has however taken some time off recently and I was in desperate need of a cut. Enter another recommendation and i’m in SALON LOVE! Very affordable cuts with a lady that knows her stuff. I am sold.

This past weekend I was invited to a bachelorette party in honour of my great friend. Her wedding is 4 weeks away and we’re all getting very excited. I knew that I definitely needed the hair taken care of before Saturday, so last friday I tried out the new hair dresser. She did an amazing job!! I’m really glad I managed to get in so quickly and i’m already excited to go back and have a new design shaved in when its time for a cut.

Lots of editing to do from the weekend, keep checking back in here to see some photos of our weekend adventure! All i’ll say: good food, good friends, great wine!


Bridal Shower Update

Hello lovelies. I’m keeping up with this blog-post situation quite nicely, wouldn’t you say? I’m actually impressed with myself, not gonna lie. I am taking time on my weekends and days off to write out a few posts in advance (of whatever excitement i’m working on at the time) and scheduling them to be released every few days. It really is a handy feature in the blog world – even if life gets busy, your posts are released even if you forget to press “go!”

A few days ago I wrote about creating invitations on the computer with photoshop. We looked at a step-by-step Bridal Shower invitation for my sister’s upcoming party. Last Sunday, while my hubby was at work, I met my sister in London for coffee and chatties. After running some errands (me) and a workout (sister), we hit up a Starbucks for bevvies and discussion of all sorts of nonsense – Father’s day (& Grandfather’s day)/ our brother’s 24th birthday (oh gawd I’m feeling old) and also her wedding plans and how things were going. We’re into the double digits for the countdown and I know i’m only going to get more and more excited as time ticks down.

The shower that my mum and I are throwing for Big Sister is all garden tea party themed. I have all of these fun ideas running around in my head (thanks pinterest!) and really wanted old fashioned tea cups or teapots or SOMETHING to make the theme really pop. Big sister is a fan of themed anything — as long as it has direction we’re good to go. Enter “HomeSense” — I don’t really know how to describe the place, just that it seems to have everything for decoration your home. Big sister needed to check it out and invited me along to continue our date. We found some amazing goodies for her shower.


Look at how CUTE those are! Floral and polkadots.. you are speaking my language HomeSense! We both got super excited when we came across these gems – the cups were only a few dollars, and the teapot wasn’t too pricey either. Luckily we both had a gift card (though mine had only about 3$ left on it haha).

These six teacups are going to be used as centre-pieces for the tables at the shower. We’re going to fill them up with nice big flowers. The options are big fluffy pink hydrangeas (from my garden) or perhaps I could get some faux-flowers from the dollar store. I might even go the floral shop route and pick some small, inexpensive flowers and bunch them all together.  The “head table” will be set with the pretty teapot full of flowers as well, and the 2 sugar dishes…we’ll figure that out. We plan on giving the white teapot, cups, and sugar dish as a prize for one of the games. I will also pick up a few more prizes – a bottle of wine, some artisan soaps handmade by my mum (future post topic!), and something else I can’t think of right now.

Still a lot to do for the shower: more decorations, lots of crafting on my part, thank-you gifts to put together, and of course putting it all together. Make sure you check back here for updates on how the big day is coming along!

As always, thanks for directing your webs to the Mellow Beat.


“Paper” crafts

I am a big fan of cards, invitations, and all sorts of paper-work. I spent 4 years working in an artist’s supply shop during University and amassed quite the collection of interesting papers. My favourites are translucent papers: vellum, mylar, and even fabric-like papers (if you can call it that?). You can add these to fun paintings for extra texture, or use them on invitations and cards for an extra flair. However, when trying to create invitations in large quantities, my go-to is Photoshop. You can create amazing looks for any kind of invitation – bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, etc.

This is a snapshot of the invitations I created for my bridal shower: I had everything printed in black & white and then added double sticky tape to the chevrons and coated them in glitter from the craft store. I used pale pink and gold to match the theme of the shower. This shows the pink glitter in place, but before I made it to the gold glitter. The scroll was from a free image that I found via Pinterest and the fonts were ones I found for free on random font searches (dafont is a good place to check!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.16.33 PM

I created a design for my own wedding invitations all on the computer as well. It was a lot of fun and also saved us a good penny. I knew the look I wanted, all I had to do was scour the web looking for free fonts and brushes to make my idea come to life. Currently, I’m loving pinterest for different font combinations! I created some of my own brushes in photshop to use throughout our invites to make everything flow and match. It really is a great tool.

I saved the final draft as a JPG with a few copies on one “8.5 x 11” sized file instead of printing one image per sheet. This way we just had to cut out the individual images with a paper cutter and affix them to the backing card stock using double sticky tape. It helped us save a lot of money because we used less paper – I chose a dark green mica card stock for the backing and a white sparkly card stock for the “information” squares (the part where we printed out the details).

Currently, I am creating Bridal Shower invites for my sister. I went browsing through pinterest to get some ideas – I wanted to make it a kind of “garden tea-party” theme. I’m trying to use colours that make me think of the fall because that is when she’s getting married, BUT I could very well change my mind and make it all summery colours – photoshop is great like that. I’m going to take you through my process of creating these lovely Tea Party themed Bridal Shower Invites!

I plan on printing these as matte finished photos, and 4×6″ is a great size for fitting into envelopes without needing extra postage. I went in search for some free clip art (google image search is a great start). I saved and opened an image of a teapot. By clicking “ctrl + t” you bring up the transform tool. Just hold down “shift” and drag one of the corners to resize the teapot (or whatever image you choose). The shift key will allow you to keep the current proportions.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.30.54 PM
The 4×6 “canvas” with teapot clipart. I added colour to the background and set the teapot to a separate layer.

I like to do every little step on a new layer. This means its much easier to make adjustments afterwards without having to change the whole thing. On a new layer, create some text: “Time for Tea with the Bride to Be” has a nice ring to it! As long as your font is legible and not too busy, it will print out just fine.Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.31.14 PM

Next, I used a font that was entirely scroll work – select the scroll you like and adjust the size the same way you’d change your font size. If you use an image of a scroll (instead of a font), you can adjust the size the same way we changed the teapot in the steps above. Add the bride-to-be’s name and Voila!

Underneath the teapot and scroll, add the key information: Location, Date, Time, etc. (I blurred out that information as we haven’t had the big to-do yet). You could also add the information about the bride’s registry here, or as a fun “tea-themed” sparkle, create a separate image in the shape of a square. Cut this out, add some fun string or ribbon affixing it to the main invite. It’s almost like the little tab on a teabag. This is of course just some extra pizzaz, if you’re worried about guests seeing this information, just add it to the bottom of the tea-pot image. I added some lovely flowers in complimentary colours to make it more garden like.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.33.31 PM

Once you’re happy with all of your colours and such, you can merge all of the layers (ctrl+ shift+ E I believe) and save it as a JPEG. I would also suggest saving the non-merged file as a “.psd” (photoshop file) so that you can open it and make changes at any time before it goes to print.
Hope this fun DIY post was helpful – it really is great being able to create your own invites and cards. All one of a kind like you!


On the Hook – Rustic Ripples

In one of my last posts, I mentioned a big ripple blanket that I was working on. Today’s post will be the big reveal of my finished giant rustic ripple blanket.

I am a big fan of crochet, and to a lesser degree, knitting. I first learned to crochet from an old friend – starting with the basics. I thought I could create a whole blanket out of “single crochet” … and I guess you could, but it would be very boring and would eat up a LOT of yarn.

By some magic, I came across “attic 24” – a blog by this lovely mum in England who has created numerous free patterns for the colour happy people of the world. Everything about her creations make my heart sing – colour everywhere! Her “tadah” moments are my favourite because you can really see how much she LOVES each item she creates. Another great thing about her blog is the picture heavy tutorials and GREAT explanations. I learned most of what I know about crochet from Lucy @ Attic 24 . I really suggest checking out her blog and tutorials.

One of my favourite patterns is Lucy’s “Ripple Blanket” I think I’m on my 3rd ripple… maybe 2nd? Either way, I made one for my dad for father’s day a few years ago & finished my own rustic ripple adventure while on recovery. I’m used “Woolspun” yarn by Lionbrand. I came across it at Michael’s craft store just after my wedding. It is 80% acrylic & 20% wool – has a really nice softness and a bit of a shine. I’ve chosen all warm rustic colours (dark oranges, mustard yellows, warm brownish colours.. and to give it a pop, a lighter wheat colour and a dark reddish colour). Look out below for some pictures of this super cosy blanket!

crochet ripples big

Our cat (Meester Miao… or “Mister” for short) enjoying the new heavy duty rustic ripple!

crochet ripples

A close up of the happy warm ripples as I trudged through the rows. Check back in later for more fun crafts and happy things.