Time Well Spent

Warning: NOT a short post today! haha is it ever??

Does anyone else feel like there is a push to do more/be more/have more?? That more often than not, we’re constantly pushing to accomplish more and more in less time? Quite frequently I feel like I have to give something up in order to take on a new adventure because there is just too much going on.

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Bucket List & all kinds of Frisson

It comes as no surprise just how much I LOVE photography and more recently videography. There is always a strong pull to document anything that brings joy and happiness to my life, and pictures are a perfect way to freeze those moments.

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Party Planning

Last week I had the pleasure of a day off and it was all sorts of productive. I had planned a trip home (only about a 1hour and 30minute drive) to hangout with my mum and hopefully sneak in a surprise visit to my Grammie who lives another 30min past my parents.

My husband also had some vacation time overlapping my day off and a big part of me wanted to just hangout with him at home all day BUT we both needed to have some productivity in our non-work lives.

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iMovie Video Update

Hey darlings!

Do you remember just a few days ago (yep, 4 days ago) I wrote a post about using iMovie?

I had taken some video clips while shooting my sister’s engagement photos (along with “the hubby” << I think thats just what i’ll refer to him here as for now). Initially I really didn’t have any plans for the clips because I had never edited video before, but I thought “I’ve got time (lies – I have little time), why not try to throw together a little video for them as a surprise?”  Continue reading iMovie Video Update

Creative Junkie

Just a quick little (i’m not sure i’ll ever legit write a ‘little post’ hahah) update today – I’m pretty sure my sister doesn’t yet know I even have a blog.. which for today’s post is actually quite awesome.

I managed to take a few short video clips while we were shooting the engagement photos and i’m currently muddling my way through “iMovie” to try to put together a little “Happy Engagement” film for the lovebirds. I watched a few youtube videos to get the scoop on how to edit clips in the handy program my desktop came with … i’ve never attempted to edit video before!

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Keep Track of All the Things!

I was lucky enough today to have a spare moment between scanning patients to put together a small to do list. I am a compulsive list maker and I just love having a place to set aside all of my thoughts and such to kind of ‘mellow out’ my brain. Sometimes there are just too many things to keep it all straight, even with the help of a calendar or day planner.

I used to use a proper day planner for all of my shifts at work (when I worked 2 separate jobs at 4 different hospitals). It kept things quick at hand and easy to know where I was going on any given day. More recently (the past year or so) I’ve switched to having everything on my phone calendar. It is helpful because I can take a screen shot and send it to the hubby so he knows how are weekends are looking each month, and what time I start/finish work each day (helps with dinner prep!).

Today though, I needed a list of all of my July “To-Do’s”. I knew it was going to be an intense list, but I really wasn’t expecting it to end up being so long. As we get closer and closer to September (and as such, my sister’s wedding), more and more items pop up. I am glad to note that I managed to make reservations for dinner on the Saturday night that we’re up at the chalet i’ve rented. I even managed to get them at the restaurant she marked as her “top choice” in the area. WOO!

Then I noted that .. oh, wow, thats at the end of this month and there are a LOT of other things happening between now and then which will just make time fly. We are at an engagement party this Saturday (looking forward to taking LOADS of photos!), then having friends over the next weekend. July 23 we’re at a wedding and the 24th I’m at my sisters first bridal shower (for the family and friends located close to where she lives). Then BAM! Bachelorette party weekend. As soon as we’re back from there, its the second shower for our family that lives close to our parents.

Then… I think (pray more like it!) that i’ve got a weekend or two to just recuperate! So this list went from “make reservations, decided what food you’re bringing to the bachelorette party, etc” to something like

  1. Discuss shower with mum
    1. Make paper flowers (<expect a blog post on this too!)
    2. Make little bunting/banners (<probably wrapped into the blog post about paper flowers)
  2. Book reservations (check!)
  3. Pick up mason jars, loose leaf tea = create shower favours
  4. Get a wedding card for R&L
  5. Pick a photo from the engagement shoot, have it printed…
    1. get a frame with a mat << bring to engagement party to have friends/family sign it
  6. burn engagement photos to a dvd
  7. etc etc etc
  8. Basically i managed to find WAY more than “7 things to do” (see video below… ongoing joke with the hubby)

Hopefully I keep my head on straight and managed to stay ahead of the game. I’m off to create some more paper flowers now >> hopefully I’ll have a fun DIY post in the near future!



Hope you enjoy!



Photography is a wondrous adventure. It is a magical medium that is perfect for documenting life’s moments both large and small. The hubby and I both love photography and have been expanding our knowledge on the subject since before we even met.

Many (many, many) years ago – waaaaay back in highschool, I scored a job at the local public library (“The GPL” as we liked to call it). It was the kind of job nerdy highschool kids coveted (or was it just me?). Working at the GPL was only possible while you were still in highschool and I started there in grade 10.

During the school year, the hours were enough such that you could walk over after school (maybe a 30min walk), work for two hours, then get a ride home from mom or dad. We would do the 2 hour shift twice a week, and one day a week we would each get an ‘evening’ shift (6-9pm). While I was definitely saving up most of my doubloons for post-secondary, there was one thing I REALLY wished to treat myself to: a digital camera!

 I didn’t even know what a “DSLR” was back then, all I knew was that I wanted to take photos to document all of the great things that I was experiencing: time with friends, class trips, etc. My first camera was a “Fujifilm” point-n-shoot. I doubt they even make it anymore. I think I could take like, maybe 35pictures on “high quality” so I often used the lowest quality so I could take more photos.
Fast forward six years to when I met my future husband who also owned his own Point-n-Shoot digital camera (with many more features). Quite a few of our first adventures (and in fact, the first adventure where we met) were full of photographic opportunities. Our first Christmas together I was lucky enough to be gifted with my first DSLR from my parents – a lovely, petite Nikon D40. I think the hubby was more excited than I was! He was 100% “can we charge the battery now, can we take some photos…” where as I was super pumped, but wanted to relax and enjoy time with the family.
This began a small obsession for the two of us. We went on many adventures specifically to take photos with the new hardware, to learn as much as we could. The next Christmas, I convinced his siblings to go in on a gift with me, and we ‘surprised’ him with a Nikon D60 (he wasn’t surprised, he’s too clever and had a good idea what was happening… that and I can’t keep my excitement a secret at all). Many (many, many) more photos have been taken since that Christmas – and its been such a blast.
nikon-d5500-dslr-camera-comparison-550x265We have both upgraded our camera bodies since then – it was a very hard decision to let go of my little D40 because it was my first, it was from my parents, and I LOVED it so much. BUT I finally upgraded to a D3500 — it does video, has a flip out screen, and has a few more neat options. The hubby had upgraded just before that to a “FFS” (full frame sensor) Nikon (I think he has the D600 now). The FFS bodies are a bit too heavy for me to lug around (esp if you add on a beefy lense). So I’m quite in love with my D3500 which is just slightly lighter than my old D40.
If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll have read that we recently had the joy of photographing my sister and her fiancé for their engagement photos. I definitely took a LOT of images – most of them are duplicates, or funny faces because the lovebirds were talking and such. But I try to do this so that I can capture the true moments of happiness and love. I managed to come away with about 10% of the total number of images. So out of 600 pictures (not all of them were of the couple), I have about 60 or so that I’d like to edit for them.
I noticed two things when I uploaded the photos into my editing program – not all of the photos were in focus (or well they are, but its not always the spot I WANTED to be in focus), and even if you take a million photos (I didn’t take quite that many!), only about 10% are going to be on-point.
There are two links I’m going to put up here from one of my favourite photography websites: “Digital Photography School” (a super helpful website for anyone interested in photography!)
Both of them discuss focus modes and how to avoid blur in your photos. We were shooting almost exclusively outside on their farm, and so I made sure to have a very high FPS to help avoid blowing out the brightness on the photos. Occasionally my photos can be a touch fuzzy or soft (a nice way of saying out of focus) because I can be a bit shaky or my FPS is too low. But shooting at a high FPS, I was anticipating having nice crisp images.
I also use “back button focus.” I align the focal point with my subject, focus using the focus lock button (I set it up this way to avoid re-focusing when I moved), then use the capture button after recomposing my shot. Sometimes though, this can change the plane that you’re focusing on and even thought your subject was in focus initially, when you recompose the shot, the focus point moves forwards or backwards << Insert sadness when you import to lightroom and realize the person is very slightly out of focus.
Luckily, most of the photos were in focus (fewf!). Between the hubby and I, we probably came away with nearly 150 images for my sister and brother-in-law-to-be (thats a mouthful!). I have just finished editing the photos and will be adding a few to the blog when my sister has had a chance to see them all. Until I have the thumbs-up to post photos from their shoot, please scroll down to enjoy a few photos from the wine-tasting tour I was on last weekend.