Another Trip ‘Round the Sun!

A few days ago I celebrated my 31st birthday. I cannot believe I’m properly into my thirties now. The day itself was much like any other with a few hiccups here and there. Curious about it & about how we celebrated the following weekend? 
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Birthday Shenanigans…the Finale!

Okay, I know, the last post or two have been very “birthday-centric,” but it was my thirtieth birthday. Sorry, not sorry. To round out all of the excitement, I’ve got some fun things to talk about and share with you! Keep reading if you’re at all interested.

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Time Well Spent

This past weekend was magnificent I terms of time spent with family and friends. My hubby returned late Thursday night from his adventure toMassachusetts  where he was sight seeing and visiting a good friend. He toured Salem, took a train into Boston, and even put his feet into the Atlantic Ocean! I find this amazing because the last time I touched the ocean I was 4 years old…that was nearly 26 years ago. 

I am such a lucky lady to have this adventure-prone hubby because he will go into random places if I request him too. This came in handy on his trip because I wanted to try a new concealer that Sephora in Canada doesn’t carry (Tarte Shape Tape Concealer). He happily picked up a tube each for my sister and I and I’m very pumped to try it for her wedding … Which is in 19 days!!!

On Friday we drove into the city together and I toddled into work while he went on more adventures: waterfalls, lunch breaks, etc to pass the time until my shift was done. After work we made the hour ish drive to surprise my Gramma with a visit. My mum was also going to see her and my brother decided to tag along. I wasn’t aware that they were taking her out for dinner or anything, so the hubby and I arrived and no one was home. We went on in and made ourselves comfy. When mum, gramma, and my brother arrived, the conversation took off and we chatted and visited well into the nighttime hours. At about 10pm we called it a night and made the long drive back home catching some unfortunate construction en route. I was lucky enough to be passenger and I think I fell asleep half way home.

On Saturday I woke with an awful stomach ache (an unknown issue I’ve developed in the past 2 yrs with no apparent cause other than food intolerances), so I rested with the heating pad until things improved enough to be productive. The hubby and I made a trip into town for mints at the bulk barn (to help soothe my tummy) & to the grocery store for supplies to make a kickass potato salad. The hubby really impressed me by making his own mayonnaise for the salad & hot damn it tasted great. We toddled 15min over to the next town to celebrate our friend’s birthday (the friend we run with). They hosted a sizeable group complete with two babies, parents, and a whole lotta friends. We enjoyed a lovely delicious BBQ, different sides, and a cherry bomb cake with cream cheese icing.

Many zzzles were had that night. Sunday was a mostly lazy day minus meal prep and mowing. The backyard (hill included). But once that was done I started a new crochet blanket and ate dinner. After dinner the hubby suggested a walk to help digest in the hopes of my stomach being more friendly. It was a great idea because we saw a Great Dane on our walk. I got to snuggle her a bunch… Her name was Stella and she was awesome. Post walk, we caught up with the neighbours over tea and fudge before calling it a night and an end to the weekend.

This coming weekend is a long weekend for us (extra for me) because of Labour Day Monday… The true end of summer because the day after Labour Day is “Back to School” for anyone still enrolled. My little brother will be beginning his final year of nursing – the time has flown, though I’m sure he would disagree.

Check out some snapshots of the weekend below. 

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gramma moving too quick for my camera
kendra with her very interesting gift bag
Meester Miao being himself.
… there are no words.