I’m Happy When I’m Planning

Enter…The Happy Planner!

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Spreading Cheer

Christmas has come & gone for another year. This always makes me sad; it means new years is soon and another year comes to a close. 

It was our little man’s first festive season & the hubby and I were super excited. We didn’t want to set up crazy expectations for future Christmases, so we gifted more useful items – food pouches, soothers & soother straps, a touque because it’s super cold here, and the like. Of course there was a toy or two from us, but extended family definitely spoiled him in that department.

Little man got a good few developmental toys  –  alphabets, shape blocks, a toy to promote crawling. My parents surprised both their grandbabies (my niece & my son) with a sled each! Hubby has already added straps and a buckle, and we took little man for a stroll down the street & back. It was quite blustery that day, so we didn’t stay out too long. 

I mentioned on my last post that U waa hoping to have enough time to make mommy & me matching outfits. I’m happy to announce that i finished them just in time. I didn’t get a great photo, but I did snap this on my phone:

I used the Alleycat Romper pattern from Lil&Luxe for Kasper’s duds and I used the SFR pattern from Patterns for Pirates for my shirt.

I can see many more of each in my sewing future! Stick around for more photos and sewing projects!


Snuggles & Snacks

I’m lucky to have had an extra long weekend this past round thanks to my work having a holiday on the second Monday of November & not booking me to work on the Tuesday following that. Usually having a three day weekend is stellar, but four days off randomly without asking makes me constantly feel like I’m not where I’m supposed to be (ie: I messed up and I’m at home while I’m supposed to be at work). 

Regardless, I was feeling a touch run down earlier in the week, so the extra extra day off made a big difference in how I was feeling. I’ve been getting nice long sleeps at night, not necessarily uninterrupted, but long sleeps nonetheless. And taking it easy when I can throughout the daytime. 

This past Sunday I experienced my first pregnancy nosebleed. I hadn’t had a nosebleed in AGES so it was quite unexpected (if you read the last blog post, that was part of the reason I needed stain remover). Otherwise I haven’t had any crazy pregnancy issues pop up – we go in for a full day of appointments soon, so I’m hoping good luck and good health keeps me trucking til then. 

On my Monday off I woke up with the hubby (he got his holiday on Friday) and had some breakfast shortly after he left for the day. Usually my days off begin the same way: breakfast and The Weather Network on TV. Monday was no different, though after a while I switched to the fireplace channel to listen to some classical music while I thought about my day. 

I managed to sort out my priorities for the day and pulled a cottage roll out of the freezer to defrost; ran a hot water + bleach mix through the washing machine (empty) to get it all tidied up (sometimes the cats close the door and it can get a bit musty smelling in there…yay front loader); and put all of the remaining laundry away that the hubby did on Friday. After that I got dressed into some gym clothes, filled up my water bottle and headed out for a workout – Monday is almost always legs day for me, just with lighter weights now. I finished with a near 30 minute walk on the treadmill after lifting.

Lunch was the next priority – two fried eggs (yolks broken) on a whole wheat tortilla with a dribble of ketchup and some shredded cheese + a banana walnut bran muffin for dessert…But then I wanted a salad too and was cold, so I made a hot cocoa. 

The rest of my Monday consisted of snuggling with my kittens under my big homemade ripple blanket while blogging and crocheting a baby blanket (for my own little nugget, oh my goodness). I’m following another pattern from Attic 24 – The Granny Stripe. I’ve made blankets a plenty with this pattern and it never gets old. My favourite blanket that I’ve made with this pattern was for my Grandma; a bright and colourful stripe using red heart acrylic yarn. She loves it because it’s nice and heavy and keeps her very warm. For my current blanket, I’m making a winter white and grey stripe using Bernat Blanket yarn (it’s very thick and soft & I imagine it will work up very fast too).

To round out my Monday there was more snuggling with the kitties and a photography attempt at capturing the super moon. We saw it on our Sunday evening stroll, but thought it was supposed to be biggest on Monday night…we were confused haha. To make up for it, enjoy a picture of one of our kitties.

Fingers crossed I have some super moon photos ready to go by next post!