Road Trip Adventures

This weekend my friend Laura and I met up and road tripped to Kingston, Ontario. We were off to see our friend from school, visit her new place and just catch up because it had been FAR too long.

It took me about 90min to drive to pick up Laura, then another 3.5hours to get to Danielle’s. We did make a stop or two along the way for gas and such. There was a pit stop at The Big Apple – they’ve nearly sold 6 million apple pies. I had never been to this mysterious Apple village before, but it was great. There are BIG windows inside so you can watch the bakers as they work, a big candy and chocolate shop, then an area with more Apple products as you make your way to the check out. There are some animals outside too that you can feed and just hang out with.

Back on the road after that pit stop and it was straight through to Kingston. After arriving at our destination, we chatted for a few hours and had some snacks. Then it was decided that the weather was perfect for a hike and some exploring. We went to Lemoine Point Park (I think that is the name of it), and hiked for like two or some such hours (12,000 steps later). The trails were mostly through forests where the leaves were turning to those brilliant autumnal colours – best time of year for a hike. At various stops along the trails, people were feeding birds FROM THEIR HANDS!?!? I legitimately panicked with excitement. Needless to say we fed birds from our hands and it was a serious Snow White moment. 

Back home we had an awesome dinner with cream cheese pumpkin spice muffins as dessert. We chatted the night away and finally hit the hay around midnight. Danielle made French toast for breakfast (yum!) and then around 10am Laura and I headed out for the highway. I ran a few errands where I dropped Laura off and then made a pit stop for gas closer to home. All n all, not an awful drive though it was a long one. Please enjoy some photos of our adventuring…and a video!