Miraculous Treats

It’s Sunday evening and I’m just taking a break from being productive. Last Thursday was DQ’s Miracle Treat day and it was delicious. The work day was usual, nothing exciting there, and my evening was relatively relaxed: came right home from work to have dinner with the hubby, then we went over to the gym. Thursday is yoga night for me; one hour of epic flexing & strengthening time. The current flow release is really wonderful and gets my heart rate going. 

After my one hour class, the hubby and I high-tailed it downtown to Dairy Queen. I hmmed & hahhed about which flavour to get for my blizzard: do I go tried and true with a Georgia mud fudge or do I break outta the comfort zone and nab a s’more blizzard? I went for s’more only with pecans instead of peanuts. They really loaded it with marshmallow and pecans and I was in HEAVEN. I’m proud to note that I finished the whole thing, a size medium no less!

The rest of our evening was pretty relaxed, probably because of the ice cream overload. Look out below for a few photos:

my amazing smore blizzard

we saw “woodstock spiderman” at DQ
workout buddies. was reppin big squats that day!


At the “Bar” (not the beverage kind)

This week has been pretty solid in terms of fitness. On Monday I was pleased as punch to complete a heavy round of leg work. I super-setted 95lbs squats with 50lbs split lunges doing three sets of eight (3×8) for the squats and three sets of ten per leg for the split lunges. After that I did a quick blast of 45lbs squat jumps, five each per leg of work on my hip adductors & abductors and ten donkey-kicks per leg too. 

Rounding out my workout was a very wobbly legged attempt at HIIT sprints. Normally I’ll do like 7minutes with a 30s:60s split of sprint to brisk walk, but this time I only did 6 minutes with a slightly slower walk speed (keeping the sprints at 9mph). I was drenched by the time I was all done, but it felt great.

Tuesday we went for a power walk and I managed to log over 12,000 steps which was pretty sweet… Not gonna lie, not much else happened on Tuesday haha. As per previous posts about my workout schedule, Wednesday is usually my rest day and that’s pretty much what I did.

I was off on Thursday and treated myself to a “you are awesome” kinda day: morning yoga & upper body weighted workout, followed by a trip to the bike shop to get my gears properly adjusted on my cute cruiser bike. After that I went to go get my nails done and went back to the gym to visit with the RMT for a half hour massage… Bliss! Also ow, because my shoulders were hella tight.

Today was another leg day – all about that posterior chain. Deadlifts at 115lbs or so, good mornings win the 50lbs bar and more deadlifts with the cable machine to hit the muscles at different levels (if you change where you interact with the weight/ where you’re body is acting as a lever, you can alter where the load is heaviest along the motion of the activity)… Or something like that… If you’re interested in more weight lifting info, check out bodybuilding.com !! Such a great resource.

Tomorrow we are celebrating the wedding of two lovely friends !!! I’m so pumped to document all the fun and to get to dress up fancy with the hubby. Looking forward to sharing some photos here too. More big sister wedding adventures on Sunday (bridal shower #1 for the grooms side of the family because they live about 3 hrs away from our side)… That means even more photos! 

Looking forward to the fun, not so much to all of the driving.

Keep coming back for more workout updates, photos, and bridal fun!


Ps: ran last Saturday with the hubby and enjoyed an hour long yoga class on Sunday followed by a short n sweet shoulder blast and some sprints. 

Time Well Spent

Warning: NOT a short post today! haha is it ever??

Does anyone else feel like there is a push to do more/be more/have more?? That more often than not, we’re constantly pushing to accomplish more and more in less time? Quite frequently I feel like I have to give something up in order to take on a new adventure because there is just too much going on.

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Canada’s Birthday

It’s the July Long-Weekend here in Canada and we’re celebrating our wonderful country’s 149th Birthday! Next year is a big one – I even hear they’re making special Canada tulips to celebrate the occasion.

This year we are enjoying some quality time together! Yesterday (Thursday) I was off and managed to get most of our housework finished up. I also bought some flowers at the pop-up garden centre downtown. It was the ‘last day’ and they had a super sale going on. I snagged 14 flowers for a whopping 7$ which is pretty good. After getting back home, I had a snack break and got to planting my new flowers!

We had steak for dinner from the local butcher shop and made a salad from our garden-lettuce. After dinner (and editing the last of the engagement photos), we had our neighbours over for bevvies and s’mores at our fire pit. We stayed out for a couple of hours, enjoying the company and the warmth. It was a great evening.

Today, after an epic sleep in, we walked over to the park where the Canada Day Celebrations were going down. It was a bit breezy today and cloud covered, but it made for a much more pleasant walk. Cameras in tow, we toured the grounds and took a few photos of some flowers and of course the Canada Geese! Not too much was happening in the park at the time we were there – some vendors, treats, and a stage with a band playing awesome rock music. The clouds started rolling in shortly after that so we decided to start the hike back up two big hills towards home. We got rained on briefly during the walk, but were mostly dried off by the time we got back.

Deciding we were hungry, we headed out to Kelsey’s for a late lunch/early dinner. We’re back to relaxing (and working on photos, crafts, etc) until dusk tonight when we will gather with our neighbours to watch the fireworks from our front yard.

Tomorrow we’re going to chill with our friends in the neighbouring town – enjoying bevvies and BBQ delights! Sunday its back to driving around to visit family before we head back to work on Monday.



Back in the Saddle?

Hey Internet-Fam,

Two days ago (on Monday) I mentioned that I was going to be doing my first run in about 6 weeks. The last time I ran was the Tuesday before I went in for pacemaker surgery. I had all of these plans and ideas about how I would stay active during my recovery because my doctors had said anything “legs” was a GO! But to (obviously) stay away from using my left arm for a good while. Then with all of those complications, my plans took a detour to relaxing on the couch or on my lounge chair in the backyard.

At first it was really hard to not be able to run/jog or weight train – but I really just didn’t have it in me. Many crafts were done during this time (more on that in future posts!).

Yesterday, the hubby and I went to our friend’s place for our Tuesday night gather. Our friend had taken some time off from running as well, so we decided to do a simple “run 2 – walk 1” interval set. There were a few times where I felt good – I could’ve kept going past the two minutes of run time, but we kept to our plan to take it easy as it was my first night back. By the time we got back to her house, we had logged just shy of 4km and it took us about a half an hour or so. Not too shabby!

I am already excited for next Tuesday when I think I’ll suggest a 3:1 interval split. Just until we’re all back to our usual non-stop 5km or more jogs. Fingers crossed!

Keep smiling

Monday is a good day

Happy Monday Friends! (Yes, Monday’s can be happy!)
This week is a very exciting week for me for a few reasons: 
– We’re officially past “5 weeks since surgery” which means I get to attempt (emphasis on attempt) a run tomorrow. As life was before surgery, it shall be again after surgery and recovery. Tuesday is my running day! I’m not the biggest fan of running/jogging, preferring to spend my fitness time in the weight room, but I accept that it has its place.
Running is made infinitely more enjoyable when shared with friends and/or family. My sister is basically a gazelle in a human body – that girl runs like its the most awesome activity in the world. She has run half-marathons and shorter (5km) races and is currently back on the “trail” (road) logging some serious kilometres as her wedding day ticks closer and closer. She lives over an hour away from me, so we don’t often run together (that and I’m much slower in comparison, which makes it hard for either one of us depending on our pace).
My sister and I looking absolutely fabulous post Father’s Day dinner (i’m the one with the pink/green hair and goofy face)
Tomorrow I will be running with my hubby and his co-worker. She and I are of similar heights (and leg-length!!!) which means it is a lot easier to keep pace with each other. I am anticipating it will be a slow return to form because I’ve been off for 5 weeks, but that’s okay – I’m not running any races for a while, so its more just to know I can still handle it.
This is a great start to the week because I’m getting back into my regular “after work routine.” Even though I’m still a bit limited in what I can do at the gym, I am getting myself there after work at least 3 days a week. Eventually I will be back in the groove of gymming and then when I CAN lift upper body, i’ll be ready to slowly add in some weights (one more week to go!!!).
My week in fitness usually looks a bit like this:
  • Monday: legs (usually squats, walking lunges, etc)
  • Tuesday: run (hoping to get 3km this week and slowly build back up)
  • Wednesday: REST DAY!
  • Thursday: evening yoga for an hour (which often gives me a good leg workout)… other wise I like to do deadlifts/good mornings, etc on Thursday. All posterior chain!
  • Friday: Upper body (bi’s, tri’s, delts).
Depending on my mood, i’ll throw in a “Back Day” here -n- there (seated rows, bent over rows, lat pull downs, pull ups, etc etc).
There are some other amazing things to look forward to this week:
Friday is CANADA DAY!!!!
(like how I just skip the whole week and go straight to Friday?)
The long weekend will hopefully be a mix of relaxation and rest with a sprinkle of productivity. Friday we will wish our friend a happy birthday // Saturday may have an attempt at “let’s do stuff!” but will probably end with not much going on // Sunday the hubby sings at church in the morning and we’re celebrating another friend’s birthday in the afternoon.
Of course the days between Monday and Friday are each just a special as the ones flanking the weekend! Tuesdays (as previously mentioned) are running and dinner/hangouts with our friend; Wednesday is… um…hump day (thats all I got right now); Thursday for me is usually ‘free lunch’ day at work because we watch presentations over our lunch hour… but i’m off this week so it will be my “yoga and house-love” day. See – each day has something wondrous and magical about it (i’m probably not yet convincing you, stick around … we’ll get there!).
That’s it for today – lots of things happening around here. Keep them eyes peeled for some upcoming photos. We had the pleasure of photographing my sister and her fiancé for their engagement pictures yesterday and we have a LOT of editing to do!! I am SO excited to get to share some of the pictures on here (provided I have her permission of course).