I’m still here!

Just a heads up that I survived labour & we ate settling in nicely with our little bundle. 

When I have the time & energy, I’ll write up a proper post & include some photos!

Until then, thank you for sticking around!



Framing Update in the Basement Reno Adventure!

Oh Hellooo,
So I have a few more time-lapse videos to share with you all regarding our basement renovation progress. I am super pleased to announce that we finally finished framing in the basement – minus two areas that we didn’t -really- plan on framing (laundry room & a storage area). This past weekend was VERY busy in terms of renovations, if you’re curious… read on! 

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Merry Christmas!

Quick little post today as it is the BIG DAY! We are at home with family celebrating the Christmas season. Today has been filled with traditional breakfast (scrambled eggs and kielbasa) and much relaxation after not much sleep. We arrived just before 3am thanks to midnight mass at the cathedral (was lovely!) and of course I woke up around 830am because that’s just how I roll. Currently awaiting my big sister and her hubby while we laze about. Tons of gifts under the tree all wrapped and ready to be distributed once we are ready to beg opening . Til then I’m content to relax with the puppy and share a few photos of the last couple of adventures:

Amazing new card game the hubby picked up.
Thanks to Christmas stockings that we opened on Friday evening, we now have 2 expansion packs.
My brother in law opening his birthday gifts last weekend
A neatly hourglass full of metal filings that create cool sculptures when set on a magnet
Previously mentioned cool sculpture. Never the same design twice!

Stick around for some fun Christmas updates . I just love this time of year!

Merry Christmas everyone!