Still Here!

Hey Friends,

Still here. Been back to work for just over a month now, so time is at a premium.
Other crazy things: we sold our house/bought a new house… so i’ll be taking a lot of time for packing…

Ive been back to the gym too! Not as much as I’d like, but i’m still going. So thats all good.

Hopefully i’ll have time for a proper update soon.


Hip. Hop.

Happy Easter from my family to yours! Just wanted to show you the cute Easter hat I created for our little bunny. I used the freebie hat pattern from P4P and created some simple bunny ears (instead of the optional bear ears that the pattern comes with).



Framing Update in the Basement Reno Adventure!

Oh Hellooo,
So I have a few more time-lapse videos to share with you all regarding our basement renovation progress. I am super pleased to announce that we finally finished framing in the basement – minus two areas that we didn’t -really- plan on framing (laundry room & a storage area). This past weekend was VERY busy in terms of renovations, if you’re curious… read on! 

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