A Sneak Peek

An introduction to the world of ME!

I am a 30-something woman with a love for life and colour. I am a new mum to a gorgeous baby boy: I spend most of my time changing diapers/nursing/feeding/playing with my little monster-man. I also love to sew; bake; crochet/knit; DIY; and generally make messes!

When I go back to work (currently on maternity leave), I work part time as a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (easier: “Echo Tech”). Meaning I spend my days imaging hearts with ultrasound. It is my absolute DREAM job – I get to investigate and listen to hearts all day long, what’s not to love? Sometimes we get to see some really wild and obscure heart diseases and its always such a learning experience.

My free time (time not at work) is usually spent one of a few ways:

  • House Lovin’ — more often than not, I get all of my house tidies done on a day off and its such a good sense of calm when I’m done. Kitchen tidied, dishes away, laundry done (probably folded… probably not put away, but whatever… I’ll get there one day).
    • I do imagine this will change significantly once i’m back at work because I’ll want to spend my time with the lil guy.
  • Workin’ on my Fitness – I am a member of Goodlife Fitness (for the past 4-5 years or so). I am usually in the gym 3-4 days of the week for about 45minutes a piece (unless I’m taking a yoga class). I always go on my day’s off (a promise I made to myself when I signed up), and when I’m working I go on my way home… cause you know the second I get home, I’m relaxing and not much else is getting done.
    • Having a baby has also changed my fitness regime. I am trying not to be too hard on myself when I can’t get to the gym. Lately our little guy’s naps have coincided with the child minding at the gym. While I could take him and have him nap a bit later, he’d get overtired and it would be downhill from there.
  • Crafting! I am a MASSIVE fan of yarn and colour. I learned to crochet a few years ago and just fell in love. You can create so many wonderful things out of yarn and a hook. I love making blankets (hello no gauge swatch!) and little fiddly things (flowers, stuffies, etc).
  • I love to create in the kitchen too – I am a big fan of all things food, with the exception of a few items that I can no longer digest (I’m lookin’ at you avocado!). I love reading food blogs and trying new recipes. I am partial to dessert and sweet items, but I’ll try my hand at random savoury recipes too.

(I’m also a really big fan of sleep. So when I’m not working, working out, or creating… I’m probably sleeping).

I sure hope you enjoy the mish-mash that is my slice of the webz.