If you’ve been hanging out here on The Mellow Beat for a smidge, you know I’ve been sewing. I was lucky enough to be gifted my mums original serger and I splurged with a gift card to pick up my first sewing machine.


I decided to try my hand at making Kasper’s birthday duds. Most of the patterns I have tried sewing have been found online at Patterns 4 Pirates. They have fabulous tutorials that go along with the patterns they create and the FB group is ridiculously helpful if you run into a snag. The other great thing is that they’ve got a section of FREE patterns too! 

Recently there was a whole combo of free baby patterns released ranging in size from premie to twelve month. It came with a little hat with option ears, a t-shirt, and little baby leggings. Because I’m paranoid about messing up Kasper’s birthday outfit, I did a trial run of the shirt (also because I cut the bodice out of the wrong colour… So I had an extra bodice). According to the pattern sizing, Kasper fits comfortably within the size 12 month top. After making the trial top I decided to take a MINIMAL seam allowance on his birthday top just to ensure if he has a growth spurt in the next 3 weeks, it’ll still fit.

I was also lucky enough to have an amazing friend (Amanda) work up something sweet for me. She is an old buddy from high school creates amazing boutique hair bows – all in all she is super crafty and fun. When Kasper and my niece Quinn were fresh out the oven, I ordered some bibs from Amanda. I gifted one to Quinnie and kept two for Kasper (Harry potter themed and a sweet green lizard scale print) – they’ve come in very handy as the little guy is a dribble machine. You can visit Amanda’s Etsy shop here: Sweet Little Sew and Sew.

When it came time for jazzing up Kasper’s birthday top, Amanda was the first person I asked. She has one of those awesome vinyl cutter things AND heat transfer vinyl for clothing. PERFECTION! I asked hubby to design something theme related and he delivered – a cute rocket ship that says ONE. Amanda took the file and made it with the vinyl and it arrived in the mail with some surprise skully fabric 😍. 

It was super simple to apply – peel off the excess vinyl, stick to fabric, cover with a towel and press with a hot iron. It took a few presses and wiggles of the iron, then boom! Instant awesome happy first bday shirt. I jazzed it up a touch more with the patches hubby ordered.

Finished it off with some sweet galaxy fabric pants and it’s now all folded up and tucked away waiting for the big party in three weeks! I have a good chunk Of the fabric left, so I’m hoping the time presents itself that I can create something matching for myself – we shall see.

Take a peek at the sewing magic below:

Black cotton lycra and blue bands also in CL
Getting ready to clip the band to the top
The sweet patches Hubby secretly ordered and surprised me with
Bands attached to front and back bodices
Getting ready to place the decal
The final product!

As always, stay tuned for much more fun and crafty business!



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