A Year. It Comes…

…and it goes! Last post I mentioned we celebrated my darling niece’s 1st birthday. It was a fabulous day at the farm and there were so many people to enjoy the day with. The hubby and I took oodles of photos (see below!) and we all ate cake (among other things).

Pulled pork was the main (obv, because they’re piggy farmers).. but there was also salad, a lovely fig jelly atop some soft cheese… fruit and veg. The usual. But really… the cake!

Oh my Lanta.


It took a while for her to get used to the cake smash idea… but once she discovered it tasted so yummy, she was much more pleased.


How sweet is this?? A princess cake for a sassy little lady.

Needless to say these cakes were MAGNIFICENT!! The cake lady was suggested by a friend of my sister’s. She has this fabulous deal where if you’re purchasing a cake for a First Birthday, you get a smash-cake included/at no extra cost. Ah-May-ZING!!!

You can find her through facebook by searching “That Little Cake Place” (located in Dashwood, Ontario). The cake was delicious too – obviously you want it to look stellar (think of the photo opportunities!), but if it tastes bleh… yah. It didn’t. It was SO GOOD.

I’ve already gotten in touch to have Kasper’s first birthday cake made for his party. I gave her a theme, but pretty much said have at ‘er. I love seeing what people can create without too many specific “rules.”

There were some cool decoration ideas for Quinn’s party too – a lovely pennant banner with her name in burlap + pink; a beautiful photo display (you can see it in the background of the first photo above). I’ll be creating something similar for Kasper I think – i’ve got loads of those sparkly stars punched out so I’m thinking of gluing or taping some to clothes pins and using some blue twine or ribbon to create the swags along the wall. Hubby has done some crafting too – its quite work while naps are happening (basement work isn’t very quiet). Lets just say it involves cardboard cutouts, acrylic paint…and some photo cut outs. Its gonna be hilarious.

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for more Kasper-Birthday-Prep. I’ve recently finished his birthday outfit, so a post all about that is in the works! I’ve got some more ideas floating about in this jumbled noggin… mostly i’m concerned with making sure we have photos of the big day (as Piotr and I are usually the ones doing the photo-taking).

Anyways, its late and tomorrow we’re visiting family for Easter. I hope there is chocolate for you and yours! Also lots of family time (which is more important… but still, chocolate!).

Til next time,


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