I’m Happy When I’m Planning

Enter…The Happy Planner!

It’s been a whole while since I’ve uploaded anything here on The Mellow Beat, but rest assured the beats are definitely still mellow.

The month of March has been a busy one – full of celebrations both big & small:

  • Early March came and went like whoa. My sweet and sassy niece rounded out her first year earth side!
  • We celebrated shortly after & took loads of photos!
  • Mid March had us making our regular trip to the hospital for Kasper’s genetics & metabolics specialist appointment (+ extra bloodwork)
  • … and then 2 days later repeat bloodwork (more on that later!)
  • More celebrating when we got the results of the repeat and thia momma got to breathe a sigh of major relief.

Yes. Lucky March has been craycray.

*I’ll write about the birthday celebrations in a separate post so this doesn’t get to photo-heavy.

Our sweet darling Kasper had a bit of a jump in his blood PHE levels at the start of the month. Instead of waiting the usual 4 wks to do the next round of levels it was suggested that we repeat a touch early as we were already going to be at the hospital to check in with the specialist.

The next day I got a call from the dietician and it wasn’t great news. Our little man’s levels had spiked to 372. Now this isn’t TERRIBLE news, but that’s the highest it’s ever been and it’s in the range where they suggest dietary changes to manage it.

Before jumping the gun, we went back for a repeat. Poor kiddo got so many pokes this month! The repeat happened on a Friday, so we didnt get results until the following Monday afternoon. Thank GOD and the little dude’s enzymes… levels were back down to 229!!! So he just isnt allowed to have Greek yogurt anymore.

I’ve taken to measuring out the amount of protein he gets (yogurt, chicken, etc) & recording it so that I have specific #s for the dietician next time we do bloodwork. Hopefully we’ve dodged a bullet 🤞.

All this nonsense about appointments & recording diet had me reminiscing about how on point I was with my own diet before getting pregnant. Not that im not happy now, just much more lenient. Either way I miss putting pen to paper & recording my thoughts, planning my next move, etc.

Thus, the main reason for today’s post: I treated myself to a beautiful “Happy Planner.” Kasper & I made a trip to the craft store yesterday to get some birthday foil balloons and whatever other nonsense we could find (in this case not much!*probably good haha).

I absolutely ADORE planners and journals. Kept telling myself I didn’t need one, but I had a 40% off coupon & decided this momma needed a gift. It’s practical too – I can keep track of EVERYONE’S appointments & such + my work schedule. I have all of this on my phone of course, but the calendar is really only a quick view – if you’ve got multiple things on 1 day, it’s hard to see it all.

This sucker has space galore! At a glance pages, listing areas, big space for each day 😍. I can’t even!! And ob top of it all – I nabbed stickers of a fitnessy nature to razzledazzle it up.

Oh yes. Mommas gonna be on point!

Only not til July… because that’s when it begins. But it goes to the END of 2019!! So that’s pretty ace.

I’ll end abruptly with some pictures of this cheerful little book of magic:

Till next time,


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