Fast. Faster. FASTEST.

The nights are long, but the years are oh so short.

It’s early March. This Friday my sweet, spunky niece turns ONE! we will be celebrating her first year a bit later in the month bc they’re away on vacation right now. This is good because I have yet to wrap her gift!

What’s crazier than my niece turning one is that it means my son will be turning one in a quick 6.5wks!


It’s so true what they say – time flies when you’re having fun. Our days have become more steady – a morning nap for sure & usually an afternoon nap. Adventures to visit friends and family; swimming; trips to the gym – yes, our days have been full.

We recently took a 2 hour drive to surprise Great Gramma for the day. We brought her some casserole that the hubbz made and a big cuppa joe. Kasper very much enjoyed exploring Great Gramma’s house and after much rocking, nursing, & snuggling, we even managed to get him down for a nap!

We stopped in at mum-n-dad’s on our way back home where Kasper showed off his new cruising skills and I was treated to a pork chop dinner!

We’ve been enjoying weekend trips to the local aquatic centre too. Kasper loves swimming (or being pootled about in the water). We’re still not a big fan of the “after pool” time (getting dried off and dressed), but meh. At least we like the water 🖒.

Because sweet baby boy is turning one in a short month and a smidge, I decided to use some of his nap time today to start hole-punching stars. I snagged a handy punch from the craft store and even found a 16sheet pad of chunky glitter paper. Perfect!

I’ve discovered I can get 18 stars from each sheet so that’s a whopping 288 stars by the time it’s all punched. I’m going to glue them back to back with some string to make a garland to help decorate the house.


Hopefully I’ll manage to create a really cool bday for him…even though he won’t remember down the road. Mostly I’m hoping it’s ace for photos 🤣.

That’s it for now – I need to wrap up before the beast wakes up!

Keep checking back for more fun updates — I’ve got a conference in early April, I’m hoping to get my hair done before then too (new colour!). I’ve been sewing new projects too!

Much love,


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