Last week I had another cardiac check-up. It went pretty much as expected (which is great) and we left with a prescription the be filled and a follow-up appointment booked.

My appointment was early in the morning, so we decided to head up the night before and stay at my in-laws place. It was our first ever sleepover with Kasper and it also went as expected. We timed our departure from home around when he’d normally go to bed and he was asleep just as we hit the highway. We were lucky that he slept the entire way there, but of course woke up as we arrived. I was really hoping that he would nurse and fall right back to sleep – needless to say hoping doesn’t make it so!

He stayed awake for maybe an hour and a half and got some serious G-ma snuggles in the process… then he was cranky and ready to go to bed (as he’d normally have just slept through had we been at home). It took the hubby and I easily an hour to get him down: nursing, snuggling, rocking, bouncing, nursing, humming, nursing.. .did I mention nursing? I swear if I had five boobs he would’ve taken them all! As it was we just flip flopped until he fell asleep around 10pm.

We woke with our boy around 5:45am and had some breakfast. I proceeded to “put my game face on” then help get the little man all dressed & ready to go. We had a traffic-filled drive to the downtown core, but made it just a touch behind to the appointment. Like I said, it went as expected – I had my pacemaker checked and “updated” before speaking with my EP. I expressed to him that I had stopped my meds (as per my cardiologist) back in November, but unfortunately wasn’t feeling as well as I would’ve liked. I was given a prescription for the same meds again (sad, but necessary!) and we booked my follow-up before toddling off.

Now the exciting part!! I was asked by my cardiologist if I wouldn’t mind doing an interview for a hospital publication. Sorta just chatting about my experience with the hospital throughout my pregnancy and delivery and what have you. It was very chill – hubby ‘contained’ the baby (mostly he crawled around the art gallery where we did the interview) and I chatted away with the interviewer. After our talk, Kasper and I had a mini-photoshoot! It was pretty cool (esp because hubby and I love photography) – they had soft box lights, backdrops, reflectors.. so fun! I had some photos done just by myself, but a whole bunch with Kasper. I don’t have any of them to show you here, but I’m really hoping they email me some!

We said a quick hello/update to my cardiologist and her secretary before treating ourselves to lunch. Hubby checked out a games store to see if he could get a good deal on bits for his miniatures (yep)… and then we surprised our sister-in-law with a Kasper visit (and belated birthday visit). We stayed a bit later than we had intended, but it meant Kasper fell asleep on the way home and if I recall correctly, hubbz managed to get him out of the carseat & changed (diaper and into sleeper) without him waking up fully. Then he nursed and went to sleep!

More exciting things happened the following weekend (Family Day Long Weekend!) and today that I will write about in a future few posts!

Until then,


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