Another Trip ‘Round the Sun!

A few days ago I celebrated my 31st birthday. I cannot believe I’m properly into my thirties now. The day itself was much like any other with a few hiccups here and there. Curious about it & about how we celebrated the following weekend? 

on February 1st I hit the big 3-1 and celebrated differently. I had a great morning with the little man and was surprised by hubby with a fab card and a 20lb kettle bell. It has since come in VERY handy for at home workouts since catching a cold. In the afternoon, I took the little guy for his monthly bloodwork (yay). The hubbz managed to pop down and visit with us while we were in the waiting room (and conveniently the mini took that as a sign that he should poop and I got out of a messy diaper change – HBD to me!), but couldn’t stick around for bloodwork because he had to check on his student. Luckily Kasper has good veins for a baby so the poke was quick, but the poor guy wailed something fierce. I blame it on him being tired and though he fights afternoon naps like a boss. Naps are for chumps. 

After leaving the hospital and getting piled back into the car we met up with my sister and niece at a nearby chapters/Starbucks. She treated me to a bevvie and snack for my birthday and we sat with the kiddos and chatted / got caught up on the latest drama. Both kiddos refused naps the whole time we were there, but mini man fell asleep on the way home before I even got to the highway. I ended up detouring part way home to extend our car-time and sat in the driveway for maybe 5 min. All in the name of naps!

Hubbz got home a touch late because he stopped for surprise dessert – CINNABON!!! All in all it was a great day.

We celebrated my bday with family last Saturday – both sides of the family came overall we enjoyed chicken wings & fondue (from mom and dad), veggies w dip, quinoa salad (from my sister), meatballs (from my bff), and dessert (from my in-laws). Both babies had a good time, but both fought naps hard core (something new!). A bit later in the evening, our friends Kendra & Rob popped by for birthday shenanigans and we got down to opening gifts! I have to say I was terribly spoilt this year, but I’m so incredibly excited about all of my gifts.

New hot pink top
Awesome cold shoulder top. Both tops from my in laws!
My Hygge inspired gift from my BFF. The candle is DIVINE. The biscotti.. Stahp it!
Beauty sponges from my lil bro!!!
Kristen Leanne x Urban Decay palette – thanks Kendra & Rob!!
A pack of morphe eyeshadow brushes!!! Thanks Mum and Dad!!
Amazing! I have no idea what half of them are for, but I’ll learn!
A pina colada scented soap made by my Mum!
Thanks Big sister! Hoola bronzer, Milani bronzer, a fluffy bronze brush, Tarte shape tape concealer, and caramel chocolates.

I also got a visa GC from my brother and sister in law which I used at shoppers (not on makeup… On baby food, cough drops…  Such an exciting life I lead haha.

Anyways this has become long winded. Thanks for making it this far and for sharing in my excitement about my birthday goodies haul.

Stay tuned for a really cool update sometime after the 15th of February when I get my pacemaker checked!



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