Out on the Town

This last Christmas, my darling Hubbz surprised me with a ticket to see Harry Potter #1 accompanied by the London Symphonia. This combines two of my loves – The Boy Who Lived AND orchestral music LIVE! I was beyond pumped and excited.

He also coordinated with our friend/his coworker’s husband to pick up a second ticket for her so we could go together and have a lovely evening/girls night. To say we were both hella surprised and excited was an understatement.

Kendra and I had planned on going downtown London a bit early to have dinner and still have time to walk over to Budweiser Gardens where it was all going down. Fast forward to last Monday and our dear friend Kendra was sick. She was hoping that since it was still about a week out, that she would be well enough to attend the event…you can probably see where I’m going with this.

Things got progressively worse.

So Saturday rolls around and she decides its probably best for her to stay home and try to recuperate. With it being semi last minute and most of my friends living at least 45min away from me, no one was able to attend. Hubby stayed home with Kasper & I tootled off to London on my own. Not that you’re going to be talking during the movie and such, but it still was crappy to be going alone. I did manage to find a decent parking spot and didn’t have a far walk to B.G.

It was completely for the best that Kendra decided not to come along because it was a LATE NIGHT. There was an intermission so the orchestra could take a break and we could stretch our legs – I decided to check out the food options, but WHOA the lines were insane. So I settled with two bevvies and nibbled the granola bar I had packed for my drive home. Im just glad I remembered to bring one!

I stayed til the very end and through the credits as well. The orchestra did such a magnificent job — it was almost as though you could forget you were listening to a live performance because they were so amazing. It fit perfectly throughout the whole movie…and given that i’ve probably seen HP#1 easily 15+ times, I can tell when the music matches up.

Another bonus is that this is a “series” so my guess is that they’re planning on doing it for each movie. I am PUMPED. The tickets are a little pricey, so I probably won’t be going to all eight of them.. but i’m hoping to at least go for #3 (Prisoner of Azkaban) and #5 (Order of the Phoenix) as I LOVE the soundtracks to both of those AND the movies are pretty amazing too.

Thanks again to my stellar husband for such a thoughtful gift.


My program and view from my seat!
Brilliant London Symphonia!!

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