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If you recall, waaaaay back in January 2017 we began work on our basement. This was in anticipation of our little nugget who arrived in April 2017. We needed our then office to become a nursery room so the wee one would have a place to sleep… once he transitioned out of our room that is.

We did manage to get quite a lot done before Kasper arrived and if you go back through the archives, you’ll find loads of time-lapse videos of us working away on our home reno project. There was definitely a BIG break in time spent working on the basement after baby-day, but I’m happy to report that we’ve recently been crazy productive!

In the interest of saving time and sanity, we decided to change our initial plans a touch. At first we had planned on two bookshelves (one on each side of the TV area) plus a low-wide bookshelf along the centre front. Kind of all connected, but built as 3 different pieces. The bottom of the bookshelves and the centre bookshelf would all have doors on them, but the top of the bookshelves (the two side bits) were gonna be open.

Fast forward a while and I decide I’d like a fireplace to cozy the basement up a bit. They have the electric kind that are zero clearance, so you can pretty much put them anywhere. SO now we’ve decided that instead of a bookshelf in the middle, we’re going to put a lovely wall mounted fireplace.

After some measuring and drawing of diagrams, we headed out to the hardware store for supplies. The great thing about our local store (and others like it I’m sure) is that they will cut your pieces for you! We do have a table saw, but with Kasper needing to nap we decided to have everything cut at the store so we could avoid the noise at home. That and it fits in the car better πŸ˜‰

We picked out the pre-drilled white MDF shelf sides & non-drilled white MDF cut to the size of our individual shelves, plus screws; shelf hardware (which we’re gonna change for the non-locking kind because its just easier to move shelves after); and other bits n bobs. Got everything home and pretty much called it a day after that. Kasper wasn’t a fan of afternoon naps and I had a night out to attend (more on that in a future post!)

Today we were even more productive than I think either of us had expected. I was treated to an epic sleep-in after nursing Kasper around 6am. He did go back to sleep until maybe 645am/7am at which point he was ready to start his day. Hubby brought him downstairs to play and pootle about until around 9am when he was ready for a nap. So after nursing him again, hubby and I napped until 11am when our boy was ready to take on the world for another few hours.

Hubby made a trip to the hardware store for some shelf-backing material (cut to size!) and also made a secret detour for happy-wife supplies haha:

Baileys for our coffee/hot cocoa; all the red wine; chocolate…bc some of it was on sale πŸ˜‰

Kasper once again refused a decent afternoon nap so hubby worked a bit on building the bookcases and I started on dinner and got Kasper settled into his highchair. Everything went on hold then so Kasper could eat and I could cook fajitas in our new InstantPot. After dinner for us two bagels, we set back to working on the basement. We (hubby) built the two bookcases and got them installed & screwed into place. Then we (hubby) tidied up the basement so that we would have space to cut drywall and work on the TV area of the built-ins. So far, its looking AWESOME and i’m crazy proud of the transformation that just two bookcases create:

hubby tidying / two bookcases installed!

The centre area there will eventually be drywalled in. We just have to add some 2×4’s along the back at the sides, and I think along the bottom too for the drywall to be screwed in to. Then its mud/sand/paint and BOOM! time for trim.

I’m stupid excited. Gah. We are thinking of having carpet installed instead of doing a wood laminate. I initially wanted laminate because I know its something we can install ourselves, but I’m wondering if perhaps carpet is going to be less expensive and also super cozy in the basement (like it wouldn’t be cold underfoot). We could get a nice underlay so its squishy and then a decent quality carpet on top. And if we have someone install it for us, it would likely be done in a day. We shall see! Either way we’re making some sweet progress!!

Stay tuned – I’ve got a coffee bar desk DIY update and a little post about my recent night on the town.


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