First I has the Coffee…

…and then I do the things!

Our old Keurig bit the dust just before Christmas last year (…’cause its 2018 now?!), but we (honestly: more of a me, because the hubs doesn’t really use it much) were lucky enough to be gifted a new one by my parents. I think they were thrilled because it was a handy gift to give and they didn’t have to wrack their brains thinking of something.

Until this last week, it sat under our tree in its box because I didn’t have a place to put it. When our old Keurig fizzled, I took the cabinet it was sitting on to the basement for some of my sewing bits-n-bobs… so the new Keurig had no home.


Of course I perused different Pinterest pages and posts looking for “Coffee Bar” inspo, and its almost overwhelming when you type in “small coffee nook” or “DIY coffee bar.” My initial plan was to create a simple (yet effective!) little shelf for the Keurig to sit on with its drawer of pods and the extra little carousel. Pinterest can be a tricky mistress though; there were such stylish and perfect examples of coffee stations that I found it a touch discouraging. I didn’t know where to begin!

Coffee Station. White coffee maker (left), small lamp (right), tray with coffee/teas (center), "cup" print (behind tray). Print is saved on Going Home board

Personalized home coffee bar ideas

Bar ideas #Coffee station ideas you need to see (coffe bar ideas) #Coffeebar #Coffeestation

At first I thought of a nice piece of wood similar to our mantel, stained the same and put up with decorative L-brackets. Maybe a second shorter (width wise) shelf above that for extra decorative elements. Then I thought that might be too simple and that we wouldn’t have enough room for other coffee related things.

My second idea was to use something we already had to minimize cost and maximize storage. Enter our guest-room desk! During nursery makeover and early basement reno days, the guest room desk was the trusty station for my computer. I could edit photos and  video just next door to the nursery – perfect. However, since moving all of my crafting things (sewing machine, serger, and computer) to my freshly installed desk in basement land, the desk in the guest room sat empty and kind of sad. Also it took up too much space and was completely unnecessary in that room.

I can tell you that Sir Hubby was all in for re-using currently owned furniture! Even if it did mean he had to shrink it down to fit the space. Luckily he offered to take about 5″ off the width so that it would fit on our half wall between the kitchen and living room. And it even turned out great (yeah, I was skeptical!). He removed the top and cut 5″ out the middle, and he moved the free standing legs in 5″ as well. This does mean that the long skinny drawer won’t be a part of the new coffee station, BUT there are still three other drawers to hold our tea collection.

Tonight I took time after nugget went to bed to get two coats of primer on it. I’ve used “Zinsser” brand primer in “Bulls-Eye-1-2-3” on the bottom of the desk and drawer fronts. Its super thick primer, but specifically used for covering stains and for use on glossy surfaces. Yay for not needing to sand the finish off! I picked up some flat black spray paint for metals (and other surfaces) to re-finish the hardware (currently old fashioned brass), and the top of the desk will get sanded down and stained to match the mantel!


I am really hoping that my tomorrow is as productive as my today was! We got all of our Christmas decorations down and put away (minus the outdoor garlands – rain/freezing rain/snow mix…no thanks), dishes got done, and floor got vacuumed and mopped. PERFECT! Tomorrow, if I’m lucky, I can get the final coat of white paint on the desk, spray paint the hardware (after degreasing) and get hubby to reattach the top so I can use wood filler on the seam + sand + stain. Then… once its dry, it goes upstairs and set into place! Mostly, as long as its done by my birthday, i’ll be happy.

I’ll keep you posted. I’ll take photos once its all settled and organized.

Until then,



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