Snapshots of Christmas

We travelled a lot over the holiday to spend loads of time with friends and family. We kind of live in the middle of everyone – we’re about an hour and a half (give or take) away from each group: both sets of parents, my sister & her husband (and daughter).. and a little further still from my grandparents. Christmas (and most holidays) have us travelling to catch up with both sides, and this year with Kasper was no different.

We were supposed to have “Grandpa Christmas” on the 23 of December, but unfortunately everyone and my mum got sick. Like really sick. So it was postponed and now we’re going to head over just before new years. Unfortunately my hubby can’t make it. He’s covering at work and its in the opposite direction, so he misses out, but luckily gets a relaxing evening at home.

I thought it might be fun to toss up a few snapshots of Christmas with my family and with my in-laws. We love photography and so there are a LOT of photos… not as many as in previous years because the little man does take up both hands, but we got some great snapshots!

I will hopefully manage to get some photos at Grandpa Christmas and perhaps when we go visit my Grandma to give her, her Christmas gift. Until then there is a little prep work for New Years Eve. Normally we’d be getting together at our friend Kendra’s house, but I think this year she’s having a girls night with some of her besties. So this year we are kickin’ it oldies style and hanging out at home.

Today Kasper and I ran some errands in anticipation. In the afternoon (after nap #1) we went to the LCBO (liquor store) for bevvies (and a backup bottle of wine in case we need to give anyone a gift), and next door to that we hit up M&M Meats. I was a bit on the spot, but decided on bacon wrapped chicken filets, mozzarella & jalapeño sticks, and for dessert: Nanaimo bars *yum*.

We are hoping to get some fun snapshots of our little man all jazzed out for his first New Years Eve – funny glasses, a NYE hat, and one of those little toot-toot horns! Fingers crossed he’s a happy camper on Sunday!

Until then,


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