7 Months

Be prepared for an overload of cuteness! 7 months of Kasper. Its amazing to see just how much he’s changed – how he’s filled out, how his eye colour has shifted from blue to green, how his expressions have gotten more wild and fun. Smiles, frowns, sleepy faces… This little wonder has stolen my heart and soul and I couldn’t be more happy about it.


Kasper. tiny little boy. Still jaundiced, and still needs to grow into his hands (which were huge at birth ahaha).


1 month old. Sleeping in his swing-glider from Gramma & Grandpa P. Lose lips. *all the heart eyes*


2 months. Dorky little nugget. Rockin’ a hawaiian shirt (just like his dad) and a stellar lil bowtie.


3 months. Hanging out in his sweet Harry Potter duds.


4 months. Not a fan of “tummy time,” but hung in there long enough for some wicked pics.


5 months. Hey there ol’ green eyes. Big lips. Big cheeks. All the chubs.


6 months. Kasper’s first Hallowe’en. Yes he’s in a pumpkin. Yes he’s happy about it… and yes, he was a ghost for halloween 😉


7 Months. Perfectly magical little human. We did good.

Stick around for more updates!!

  • new hobbies/crafts
  • basement reno continues
  • return to work is freakin’ me out – 4.5m to go


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