Where does the time go!?

SO way back in August I said I’d try to set aside some blogging time… good idea. terrible execution! Its DECEMBER now and Santa is coming soon.

I always love Christmastime, but I have to say that it seems like a bigger deal with a little tyke. Our son is going to be 8 months old two days before Christmas and I couldn’t be more pumped… but before I dive too much into Christmastime festivities, lets rewind a whole bunch and get caught up!

Waaaay back in April, my husband and I along with our families welcomed a gorgeous baby boy into the world. He was born in the early evening on a Sunday weighing in at a perfect 6 lbs 14 oz and at a length of 19″. I had a short bout of excruciating pain before my epidural went in, but after that everything was fabulous. My mum and my husband were at my side to experience everything and we got some great photos (thanks to hubby!).

When our bundle finally arrived, we still didn’t know if it was a boy or girl – there wasn’t a huge “its a boy/girl” announcement right away and the umbilical cord was perfectly positioned that neither my mum or hubby could see what bits were present. Then our doctor tipped him just a smidge and tadah! “It’s a boy!” was exclaimed by all three of us. The champ latched right away and has been an eating machine ever since.

After we had some time to get stitched up and settled, and our son was weighed and measured, we invited our families in to meet him.


Look at how tiny he was! Oh goodness, the last 7.5months have sure flown by. The rest of that day was quite the blur. I remember eating (and subsequently being sick), sleeping hardcore and then being transferred to our room. Unfortunately I was quite a bit nauseous and needed gravol, so they had our little guy travel in his basinette because I didn’t feel like being lightheaded was a good state to hold him in.

We stayed in hospital for a couple of days and finally made the long drive home (in traffic of course). Thus began 5 weeks at home with the hubby (thank GOD he took the time off!). We had appointments with my family doc (who was still 1 hr 15min drive away until he set us up with someone closer), appointments with specialists, and also had time to get settled at home. My hubby was an absolute champion – doing most of the diaper changes for those 5 weeks and getting me whatever I needed as I was pretty sore for a good 3 weeks after delivery. My mum stayed for about 5 days a week after we got home. We had to get Kasper’s tongue snipped because he was tongue tied and it made breastfeeding super tricky, but once that was sorted things became easier.

My ticker bounced back remarkably well too – i’ve only just a month ago finished my medication (hopefully forever, but there’s a chance i’ll have to start taking it again based on my next checkup). I started back to working out after maybe 10 weeks, I’m still not back to my pre-pregnancy level of fitness, but i’m okay with that. It is a serious work in progress and will always be so.

Our little man is growing fast – he’s probably close to 20lbs already (at 7.5months old) and he is just a hoot. We’ve nicknamed him “Kasper the Inconsolable” because he does spend quite a bit of time wailing and screaming. Sometimes it fun happy screaming “because I can!” but mostly its because he’s angry at something haha. Who knows what?

The first month was amazing. Month’s 2-5 were very tough (boy fights naps like mad).. and now that he can sit on his own (since about 6m) he seems a bit more content. He’s obsessed with his jolly jumper and his exersaucer; he’s definitely going to be crawling soon. We have figured out how to push up on our hands, how to move backwards, and how to pivot on the spot. Crawling is the next step and i’m both excited and terrified! He’s gonna keep me on my toes, thats for sure.

I’ll include some photos of the little man and will pick up on the next blog post. Hope you’ve stuck with me through this lull.. finger’s crossed I will get back to semi-regular updates around here.


(c) Piotr
(c) Piotr
(c) Piotr
(c) Mikaela Shannon Photography
(c) ME! (Sara)

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