Magical Surprises

Hey lovelies,

Last post I mentioned a magical surprise gift that was set to me and I wanted to share about it here.

The hubby and I have decided to cloth diaper our little nugget at least part time. What I mean is that when we are at home, and possibly for small trips we will use cloth diapers (once he or she has gotten big enough for the one size style), but when we are out for big trips or if grandparents are taking care of nugget, we will go with disposable. I’m also considering disposable for night time depending on how heavy a wetter the little nugget is.

It didn’t take us long to decide on cloth diapers – better for the environment (especially if you have enough CDs to only need to wash once every few days), it’s less costly in the long run, and there are a variety of styles to choose from. I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to be cost effective, but the hubby did some research on the cost of disposables for a year (average) and a stash of brand new one size CDs and it was significant enough that I was on board. To top that, I had a friend add me to a B/S/T ( on FB and I scored a whole stash of pocket style CDs for approximately $350 whereas brand new would’ve cost over $500. 

Other research included the Fluff Love University Website which is like the go-to for everything CD. They have information on detergents, wash routines, sanitizing preloaded diapers, etc. They also have a Facebook group where you can ask questions and get an approved wash routine. We have stupidly hard water here (you can get test strips at the pet store) and the FB group helped by telling me how much detergent to use and how much water softener to use (until we potentially get a built in water softener). 

Perhaps I should get back onto my original topic – a most magical surprise!

When I was back in high school I was on a competitive rowing team. I have kept in touch (through FB) with two of the women I rowed with. One of these amazing ladies has a lot of experience with cloth diapering and I bombarded her with millions of questions. Recently she asked for my postal address because she wanted to send me a parcel. I had NO IDEA what awaited me in said parcel, but boy oh boy was I blown away!!

It’s no surprise to anyone that I am a big Harry Potter fan, And this parcel included THREE magical HP cloth diapers. Holy Moly. Each of the three are pocket style CDs which means I can stuff them with whatever absorbent material I choose! Without further ado, here are some photos of the CDs I was gifted:

The next three are of the same diaper, just showing the different characters.

On that happy note, it’s d-day and I’m getting induced at some point today (barring any catastrophes at the hospital). So probably going to be a little slow around here for a while!

Stay tuned for baby updates.



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