Any day now!

Hey online family,

I know it’s been a while since my last update, but we’ve been enjoying our time and preparing last things for the little nugget’s arrival which could theoretically be any day now. That being said, I’ve been taking it VERY easy in the hopes that we don’t have a surprise early arrival.

Not a whole lot has happened since my last post:

  • We had our maternity photos done and have recently acquired the online album. I will include a few photos in this post (below) By Captivating Life Photography
  • We put together a little bouncer from my brother in law & sister in law
  • I was gifted with three MAGICAL cloth diapers (I will talk more about those in my next post)
  • We celebrated Easter and also our 9-Year “Date-iversary”

The hubby has been trucking away on the basement on his days off. With the Easter long weekend being in our favour, he has nearly finished drywalling the whole basement. There is one bit by the stairs left to do (it needs a bit of framing still) and the middle of the built-ins needs some drywall, but otherwise we* are nearly ready to start mudding!!

*by “we” I definitely mean the hubby. I mostly knit and supervise.

We officially have 4 days left until our induction. This last stretch seems to be going by incredibly slowly, which is beneficial in a way…but also too fast, and I wonder if we will be ready. That isn’t to say we aren’t technically ready to go now, but there are some things I’m really hoping we manage to do before Friday evening.

  • Vacuum and mop the main floor
  • Vacuum the stairs and top floor, mop the bathrooms upstairs
  • Switch from winter tires to summer/warm weather tires (this is happening today and tomorrow, so we know it will be done)
  • Ready the bassinet– I just need to strip the sheets off and wash everything, then put a fitted sheet on it and a receiving blanket on top. THEN cover it with a large towel so the cat stays out of it!
  • Lastly, I’m wanting to change the bed sheets in both the master bedroom and guest room so it’s all fresh for when we come home from the hospital

That is my plan, whether or not it all happens doesn’t really matter much (but it would be nice!)

That’s it for now – I will aim to have another post up on Friday (I will write it in advance I think) and then likely things will be quite slow and quiet here while we get settled with our little miss or mister.

Until then !



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