Hello April!

So we have finally hit April – this is what we’ve been waiting for since last summer when we found out we were expecting our little nugget.

The last week and a half has been busy tapering down to relaxing. I’m quite grateful for that as I am becoming increasingly tired and finding it a bit hard to do… Anything. My sister, her hubby, and their little bundle are officially home from hospital and settling in; my dad was admitted (& discharged 4 days later) for some cardiology work up around the same time. Because of all of that, i got to see quite a bit of my family and it was great (would’ve been better if the circumstances were less stressful).

As of today, I only have three weeks to go until my induction date. I keep saying “or less” but we are hoping that the little nugget doesn’t decide to show up early. I will be going every week for appointments and just keeping fingers crossed they’re happy with how I’m doing. Next week will shed some light on my cardiac status, but I’m hopeful they will let me go the last 2 weeks without needing any medication.

Pretty much everything around the house is done – I just need to wash the bassinette cover, put a sheet on it and it’s good to go. My OVer is washed and drying – ready to help cover the car seat, today we finish two little things in nursery land and then head out for our Maternity Photos!!! We are lucky to know an amazing photographer – she went to school with my hubby and is a photographer part time. She has an stellar website: Captivating Life Photography . Go take a peak and gush over all of her amazing photos.

Other things I’m hoping the hubby can do tomorrow include a quick tidy up of the garage:

  • Put the Halloween and Christmas bins back up on the shelf
  • Organize recycling
  • Make it as empty as possible for stroller storage purposes

And continue drywalling the basement:

  • Starting with the simple pieces be we can get more done faster that way
  • Take out the tools we don’t need
  • Bring stuff from the landing into the basement so only the basement is cluttered, not the top floor too

That’s pretty much what’s been shaking around here the last few weeks. One other thing is like to mention: I won this amazing bracelet from a gym-buddy who has started her own little company. You can find her on Instagram [@ kayaking.co ] – she makes fantastic “beads for the soul”. And most of her designs include a lava stone which you can drop essential oils into to carry the scent with you everywhere. Please check her out and give her a follow! I haven’t taken my bracelet off since I got it.

I’m in love with the colours and the simple little owl charm which she thought showed my love of all things Harry Potter. I agree.

On that note, I’m off to start getting tidied up for our photo adventure!



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