Preparing for the Big Day

It’s just over four weeks away now team, which really means it could happen anytime in the next 4.5 weeks. That’s kinda crazy – and as such, to keep my stress levels down and to keep me preoccupied, I’ve been preparing bit by bit for D-Day!

First things first was to make a list and figure out what I needed to pack. Of course, I do love me a good list, so I headed on over to Pinterest to research “what to pack in a diaper bag” and “what to bring in your hospital bag.” I also asked a few friends and my sister what they thought were things they could’ve done without and things hey wished they had brought. 

Lucky for me, I have this awesome Lulu Lemon duffle bag- it was my birthday gift last year and it holds a LOT. It has been my work / gym bag since I got it carrying everything to and from work including my water bottle, gym clothing, extra shoes, lunch and snacks. Since being off of work, I decided it would be a good bag to use for our hospital adventure since it fits so much.

I have packed: 

  • Two pairs of extra baggy sweat pants
  • Three loose fitting shirts
  • Socks, undies, and depends!! (What a good idea)
  • Toiletries including a smidge of makeup, dry shampoo, and the regular stuff
  • Flip flops 
  • Nursing bras and the such like

For the hubby, I put together:

  • Two t-shirts and a button up shirt
  • Socks and undies (do you still say undies if it’s for a dude?)
  • Pj pants
  • Undershirts

He will grab his toiletries bag and whatever when it’s go time (and I’ll grab my last minute things too – toothbrush, prenatals, etc).

I also packed our diaper bag with things we need for nugget:

  • Nursing pillow
  • Two muslin and two flannel blankets 
  • Going home out fit
  • Sleeper, hat, mittens, socks
  • Diapers, diaper cream, etc
  • Breast pump and paraphernalia 

So much packing has been done, but heck yes we are now prepared should we need to go at a moments notice. Other exciting baby adventures include installing the car seat bases in both cars and putting the actual car seat in my car (we will be taking my car to the hospital), installing one of those handy mirrors on the head rest, and washing more baby things.

I finally got around to sanitizing my pre-loved cloth diapers and inserts. Once they were all dry, the hubby brought them to the nursery for means I folded them all and organized them in the drawer of the change table dresser. I also built the Raskog cart from IKEA and filled it with more change table necessities.

Mister meow has been a very constant presence (“helper”) in nursery land – mostly he loves the car seat (which is thankfully in my car now) and the change table pad where he can supervise the goings ons…

It’s a touch annoying, but mostly adorable. The closet is ready to go (minus the bathroom goodies which will eventually move out of the closet and into the bathroom where our tub is). And the rest of the dresser is all tidy thanks to some IKEA drawer organizers.

Nuggets bed is ready to go too with freshly laundered sheets, a soft fuzzy bunny, and a blanket made by me. We were lucky enough to have a sweet friend lend us her bassinette, so the crib probably won’t be used right away. Still, it’s nice to have it all ready to go.

I shall end with a photo of my sweet Mona cat. Her sweet pink nose and jellybean toes are everything.

Til Next time,



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