I’m an Auntie!!!

Hey friends, so the last week has been a whirlwind- my sister went into labour early & I had my baby shower. I also had an appointment with my OB & Cardiologist somewhere in there.

Last Wednesday as I was hitting my snooze button, hoping to grab the last few winks before getting up and out the door for work, my phone rang. It was my mum calling – something she doesn’t do often as she’s not a big fan on talking on the phone. 

Turns out my sister had gone into labour at 330am that morning!! They had made it to the hospital and we’re getting settled in and my parents weren’t beginning their trek (2hr drive give or take) up to the hospital to be with her. I had to drive in the other direction for work, but luckily my hubby works where she was giving birth so I had loads of people updating me as the day went on.

I also am lucky enough to have amazing coworkers and an awesome manager- I was allowed to leave a bit early to make the drive back to be with my sister as we awaited the arrival of the newest family member. 

Of course, things never ever go according to plan – the highway passed my house on the way to the hospital was closed due to a brush fire. Apparently the wind storm had gotten so bad that it knocked down power lines and started a fire and then kept that fire building … So I lost a good hour on my way to the hospital, but made it there by 530pm.

My sister was doing well at that point – slowly, steadily inching towards “pushing time” so we kept her company along with her husband and his family, went for snack breaks, and mostly let her rest when she needed it. 

I think about 1-2am they let her start pushing and we were fully expecting her hubby to come rushing through the door not long after that shouting the gender…nope. By 630am I was already leaving 30 minutes later than planned to get to Toronto for my own appointments. Since I had been up for about 24 hrs and was very uncomfortable, my hubby drove from London to Oakville where we grabbed a train the rest of the way to Toronto (to avoid the morning rush hour). 

We made it on time to my appointments which went well for the most part and not unexpectedly. It had been decided that I was officially done work and on Doctor directed time off before my lil nugget arrives. Not going to lie, I’m not entirely pleased because I love being at work and I already miss everyone … But give the fact that my niece is still at the hospital, I’m glad to have time to help my sister out whenever she needs it.

We were already back to my car and driving before we finally got the call that my sister had her baby – a little lady, 5lbs 10oz after 11 hours of pushing.

The Saturday after that was my baby shower – it went well, not entirely what I wanted due to some miscommunication, but my parents and baby brother were there and some of my bestest friends too. My mum made amazing pulled pork that was to die for and I made some yummy cupcakes. Everything was red & gold/yellow to keep with the Harry Potter theme and it mostly went off without a hitch. Nugget was hella spoiled and the hubby and I are super grateful for all of the awesome goodies we received.

Donna, Jo, Mum, & I sending happy thoughts to my sister and niece.
All the blankets! Organizing stuff from the shower.

Sunday after the shower I got the thumbs up to visit my niece in the hospital so the hubby and I drove out to London to spend a few hours hanging out. My parents and little brother popped by not long after that too, so it was nice to see everyone. I have since gone back on Tuesday to bring some things for my sister as her husband had to go check on the farms. 

Treats for my niece!

And I’m currently wating for my parents to swing by to pick me up on their way through for a visit.

I won’t be posting any photos of my niece on the blog here, but needless to say she’s the cutest tiniest little thing and I LOVE her.

Til next time…



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