The Goings-Ons

Hey loves, the last week has been mighty busy (is there no end!?), but we’ve accomplished a lot and for that I’m grateful.

This will likely be a photo heavy post, as its late and I’ve much to share. Photos do speak wonders I think, so I hope you enjoy. I’ll do my best to keep things in chronological order as its happened over the last week.

On Thursday (my only day off), I drove 90 minutes to my sisters house for a day full of meal prepping with some lovely ladies. We each brought enough ingredients to make a meal for five different families and each lady made a different meal. By the end of the day, we each went home with five delicious meals to be frozen and defrosted when needed. My sister and I are both going to try to keep them until after our babies are born as I’m quite sure it lol be a big help to have meals ready to go. Hopefully I can do another prep day before nugget arrives. Also above that, me snuggling my sisters dog who just last week had been missing for like nearly two days.

On Friday after work I got to hang out with this doll face as we got ready for our work appreciation dinner. Neither of us stayed terribly late, but we did have a great meal, won some prizes, and even took a turn or two in the photobooth.

On Saturday, after a really good sleep and slightly lazy morning, the hubby and I began tackling some housework. He handled the vacuuming of the top floor and stairs (& the main floor too now I think on it) while I tackled ALL OF THE DISHES. After that we found ourselves in the nursery building a crib, and then a glider.

After that, our friend Kendra stopped by for a quick visit as she was nearby. We enjoyed some chatties and some snacks before she had to head out for her last appointment of the day. After that, hubby and I made an impromptu visit to the nearest IKEA (60min drive) to pick up a dresser. The one we have and planned on refinishing is much too big for the space now that we have the crib and glider in the room.

The visit to ikea was interesting – about 10min into our visit, the alarms went off and everyone had to evacuate. Luckily for us just as we hit the stairs, the evac notice was disregarded, so we got to continue shopping. To our delight, once we hit the showroom displaying dressers, we found one much nicer that was not only less expensive but we both loved it so much more than the one we had originally planned on purchasing after browsing online. Sadly they were sold out and I was very disappointed. I have since ordered it online to a closer pickup point and apparently it should be ready for pick up on Tuesday. Brilliance.

We did manage to pick out curtains, sheers, and a curtain rod too. That all went up today (Sunday) thanks to the hard working hubby. My sister is gonna try to bring her steamer next weekend so I can steam the wrinkles out of the curtains (they can’t go in the dryer). I also need to hem them (which I might do with that iron on stuff and do the sheers by hand as they’re quite delicate). 

Some other things got built and organized this weekend too: the stroller is put together, the car seat snaps right in to that too (Mister cat loves the car seat); the cubby shelf made its way into the closet and I’ve filled the bins with little things for now. 

Mister cat is just obsessed with all of the new fun things in this room.

I think that’s about it for house stuff – a massive to do list has been made in advance of the baby shower next weekend which is giving me all sorts of stress and headaches for undisclosed reasons. Hopefully I don’t lose all of my marbles before then. 


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