It has been a while!

Hey friends, if you’re still with me here – sorry it’s been such a while since a decent update, but boy we have been BUSY!

Since the crazy closet adventure of two posts ago, we have made some good progress in terms of house renovations:

  • I picked up the wallpaper for our nursery
  • We decided on a paint colour and the hubby has painted the nursery (minus the wall where the wallpaper is going)
  • My brother in law came over and together with my hubby, they basically ran electrical in the whole basement – the hubby still needs to run some Ethernet cables, but then we can start drywall! **my brother in law is an electrician – so it’s all on the up n up**
  • I had another ultrasound !!!

We are on hold a bit in nursery land until the wallpaper goes up. We are hoping this happens this weekend, but it’s up to my friend as she has offered to come hang it for us. The hubby and I have never hung wallpaper before and while my friend has stressed that she’s not a pro by any means, she definitely has more experience than us!! Fingers crossed she’s available tomorrow!

Once the wallpaper is up I can start putting together all of our nursery furniture and really get a sense of what it’s going to look like.

Last Thursday I had another follow up appointment with my OB which included an ultrasound. My mum came with me for this round of appointments because the hubby wasn’t able to get the day off (too many other people off that day). It worked out well though because we got to spend the day together and we picked up some supplies for my baby shower. 

Some of the supplies included: red poofs, red sparkly circle garland, gold pennant garland, red and gold plates, gold chevron napkins, plain red napkins, and some banners! 

After that adventure at the party store, mum and I grabbed some Starbucks bevvies and headed out to the big city for my appointments. The ultrasound went really well – nugget is spot on for size with the head being a tiny bit above the 50th percentile and the femur length slightly higher than that … So we might have a long baby! 

After that we waited for our appointment with the OB fellow. Not gonna lie, things could’ve gone better BUT they also could have gone worse! They are a bit concerned with my blood pressure, not because it’s particularly high, but because it’s quite a bit higher than in all of my previous appointments. I’ve also been experiencing a lot more chest discomfort and palpitations which they decided means I need to see my cardiologist again. 

So until I go back in two weeks, I am getting a holter monitor put on and I’m to record my blood pressure multiple times a day (2-3) and keep track of any chest pain. Friday at work, the BP was still a bit high, but today it has improved (at least the first check showed that, we will see how it track and). Until then, we wait and see and just hope for positive results!



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