Nesting Vibes

So I hear that pregnant ladies tend to want to nest as they progress through their pregnancies. I wasn’t expecting it to hit me as soon as it did (not that i’m a last minute kinda gal), but hello nesting fever is in full force over here!

On Thursday last week (my day off), I managed to completely empty the office of anything and everything that I could. This meant all but the heavier furniture (desk and bookshelf) and my desk which is attached to the wall.

Today was another story… or rather same story, different day! The hubby was at work, so I had the whole day to tackle another project. But what should I tackle? Last night I was quite blue and not really sure how best to use my free time. I know I could just relax and do nothing (minus the regular house tidies), but with only 10 weeks to go until our little bundle arrives I felt it was more important to tackle the intense house things that I know I won’t have time to do after baby arrives.

Today I tackled the linen closet. I mean hella tackled. We have a pretty large linen closet at the top of our stairs and sometimes it gets a little… disorganized. I am definitely a touch “type-A” and disorganization kills me. I just can’t handle it!

Before I got really into the linen closet that sounds weird I had to reclaim our guest bedroom. My brother in law & sister in law are coming down on Family Day to electrify our basement (well I think us ladies will relax while my bro-in-law sets up the electrical… thank god for amazing family with mad electrician skills!). Since its kinda of a big job, they’re coming down the evening before which means my guest room can’t really be a catch-all for the office paraphernalia. SO I did some mad reorganizing and Tetris-ing of stuffs and brilliance — we have a guest room again.

After that I got tidied up and toddled up town to get my hair cut. Not gonna lie, its a bit shorter than I was going for… BUT with all of these pregnancy hormones running around, i’m sure its going to grow in quite quick and be back in action before my baby shower in 4 weeks!

After my hair appointment I popped into Winners on the hunt for some really nice (large!) baskets for helping tidy up the previously mentioned linen closet. I grabbed two large and one medium sized basket, plus a drawer organizer at winners and some more organizational goodies at Walmart before heading back home.

Okay – here’s where we get into the nitty-gritty! This was the disaster that was my linen closet BEFORE I destroyed it:dsc_8471

As you can see it is RIDICULOUSLY disorganized and … ugh. I just can’t handle it!! So I started by taking out a lot of the little things: the extra toothpastes, the copious amount of soap made by my Mum, cleaning supplies, etc. After that, I removed ALL of the towels and took them into the bedroom to roll up and fit into the two large baskets I got at winners. Face clothes got rolled up and put into a little hanging basket (and dish cloths & tea towels went into my second hanging basket).

I think the toughest part was tackling the blankets at the top of the closet – I moved them all down to the empty spot (where the towels are in the above photo) so I had some room to manoeuvre. I had to refold most of them and then stacked all of them along the top shelf. They still take up about the same amount of space, but it looks MUCH better now!

This is a shot of the progress part way through reorganizing:

After putting the cleaning stuff away (some into a basket in the bathroom cupboard and some here into the closet), I stacked our TP onto a shelf…now since moved to the bottom of the closet and put all of our table clothes into the medium sized basket I grabbed on my up-town adventure.

Up next was my second least favourite part: BED SHEETS! I don’t know why we have so many bed sheets, but we do! The hubby is a hella big fav of flannel everything – specifically bed sheets! SO we have a LOT of big fluffy flannel bedsheets. I use them exclusively in the winter time (or cold weather months) which for us is like at least 5 months of the year. I once saw on Pinterest a cool idea where you fold all of the bedsheets minus one pillow case. Then you kind of put everything in the pillow case and it keeps all of the sheets from each set organized and together. It doesn’t look as nice as the pin I saw, but it did help to keep the sheets tidy! I stacked all of our queen sized sheets into two bins (where they were before, but much more organized now). Our small selection of double sheets didn’t need any tidying or condensing – which was a nice treat because, whew, this was a big task!

I finally finished shortly before the hubby got home from work. This was the final result:

It took me pretty much all afternoon, but I’m really happy that i’ve cleared out a LOT of space in there. I anticipate we’re going to need that space for all the baby stuff that won’t go in the nursery room (boxes of diapers, extra crib sheets, etc).

All in all I think i tackled a big project successfully which is exactly what I needed to make myself feel better and more productive. Also thank God for crock-pots and parents who supply you with 3 dozen frozen cabbage rolls!! I put our last bag in this morning ’round 10am and they were ready to go for dinner at 6pm – perfect. And it means I don’t have to cook dinner tomorrow either.

Oh, almost forgot! I used the little drawer organizer from Winners in our bathroom to help tidy up the drawer where we keep random things:


So much better! Now it won’t go all rolling around in the drawer.

Tomorrow i’m off for some fun with my BFF! We are going to catch up over coffee and also visit the awesome cupcake/bake shoppe in Burlington! Such fun. Maybe i’ll see if she wants to go to the party supply store too and we can scope out some goodies for my baby shower!

Until then friends,




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