Birthday Shenanigans…the Finale!

Okay, I know, the last post or two have been very “birthday-centric,” but it was my thirtieth birthday. Sorry, not sorry. To round out all of the excitement, I’ve got some fun things to talk about and share with you! Keep reading if you’re at all interested.

Last post I covered my actual birthday-day (February 1st). Late that evening we left for the city to sleepover at my in-law’s place in advance of another baby related appointment. On Thursday morning we moseyed over to Toronto General Hospital for my pacemaker check-up and chat with my EP. Minus the fact that we arrived for a 10am appointment only to wait for like 75minutes, it went really well. Apparently they confirmed the wrong appointment time, so we weren’t supposed to be there until 11am. Oh well, I brought some yarn to start a little hat for our future baby!

I had a few things adjusted (mostly my capture rates) because i’ve been having more palpitations and likely runs of SVT. Nothing that I find terribly concerning, I think its just more frequent because of being pregnant.

After a quick stop at the Starbucks (right inside the hospital, how convenient!) and our lunch break (the hubby packed sandwiches so we sat to eat those with our warm bevvies), we toddled across the street for Echo, ECG, check-up with the nurse, and visit with my cardiologist. We were very early for that round-up of appointments too, but it totally worked in our favour! There was a “no show” and we were taken in a good 45minutes early.

The hubby and I were super thrilled about this because it meant that (hopefully) we would finish our appointments earlier than anticipated and hopefully beat some of the traffic for our drive home. We were whisked from room to room, test to test. I had my weigh in, chatted with the nurse and then had an ECG done. After that we went directly into echo and had a good rest for about an hour. Following all of that excitement, we had a good chat with my cardiologist. Its all checking out really well at this point, and with 10 weeks and a day or two to go, i’m quite thrilled. I find i’m definitely slowing down a bit, getting more winded… but I think that’s par for the course.

We were on the road heading home about 10 minutes before my last appointment was even scheduled to start (thank you to whoever didn’t show up for their tests!) and only got stuck in a kinda crummy amount of traffic. Home free eventually and I think thats really it for Thursday!

Friday was the FUN day… which is probably why its called FRIYAY! I had a solid sleep in and a stellar breakfast. Before heading out for the spa, I managed to get a lot of laundry put away which meant I didn’t have to do it when I got home. I left a smidge late, but was still a few minutes early for my spa adventure. I was a bit unsure about scheduling a trip to the spa because of all of the goings-ons in our house (basement reno, office transitioning to nursery room, etc), but the hubby was very much for me having a relaxing day off.

And goodness me, it was quite relaxing!

I treated myself to a pedicure and a shellac manicure at Elmhurst Inn & Spa in Ingersoll. The hubby and I celebrated our first anniversary there two December’s ago and they’ve since sent me an email with a discount for one spa item in the month of my birthday. Heck yes! I had such a good time, opting for a powder blue on my tootsies and a lovely dark warm grey/brown on my nails. Yaaas!

I spent about two hours at the spa and when I came out it was snowing! I drove back to town and made a quick grocery stop to make burritos for dinner. That rounded out my 3-day Vacation for Birthday celebrations… but it didn’t stop there!

On Saturday my mum and my grandpa’s lady came to our house en route to my sister’s place for her baby shower. The hubby and I finished our tidies that morning and I quickly got myself put together before they arrived. After giving the ladies a tour and showing off the work we’ve done in the basement, we headed out for my sister’s Baby Shower!! I did take a bunch of photos (mostly of her opening her gifts), and snapped this one on my phone:

She looks fantastic. Those dimples, omg! 

When I got home and my mum and Joanne left to head back home themselves, the hubby and I decided to hunker down on the couch and watch a movie. On Sunday (aka Super Bowl 51 Sunday!) we got tidied up and headed down to my parent’s place to celebrate my birthday with them. My dad always takes a birthday dinner request and for the past five or so years my request hasn’t faltered: Dad’s awesome chicken wings, fondue, and veggies with dip. SO GOOD. And then this awesome cake for dessert:


Mum also suggested with make a soap together for my birthday. We whipped up a new recipe (mostly I watched and she used an online soap calculator) and then got to melting our hard oils and mixing everything. I always seem to pick the same scents and colours and I only managed to break free a little bit this time. I combined “Maple Sugar” and “Coffee Caramel” which smells amazing and then picked 4 colours that really don’t match the scent at all, but made me feel like a unicorn, so why not!


The inside is nice and swirly and very, very colourful! I’m really excited for it to be ready to use. I imagine the smell is going to be very warm and comforting!

We rounded out the evening with dinner and cake…and Super Bowl LI !! Unfortunately, because we have about a 90 minute drive home, the hubby and I left during the second half of the game. When we left, the Falcons were winning. About halfway home it was all tied up… and then of course the Patriots won. Le Sigh… because they haven’t won the Super Bowl enough times, eh?

On that happy note, we ended the weekend and my five days of off-and-on birthday celebrations. What a way to end my twenties!

New and exciting things up-coming on the blog:

  • Really, seriously, starting the office to nursery transition
    • Like the trim is almost taped off, I just picked up the wall paper…and on Saturday we’re going to pick out our paint!
  • Getting together with my BFF on Sunday
    • hopefully I’ll snap some pics to share with you
  • Prenatal classes!!
  • Next step in basement land – electrical!

Its all coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned and i’ll try to update with some frequency!

I shall leave you with a baby bump update from last Saturday! When we were a full 11 weeks away from our induction date. And yes those are my awesome Harry Potter slippers beside my bed 🙂


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