Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay so this is a few days late because I put up the last post on my actual birthday. At least this way I can tell you all how the whole day went!

On Wednesday, February 1st my twenties were left in the dust as I took a bold step into my thirties. I am going to be completely boring and tell you I didn’t do too much to celebrate on the actual day… more celebrations are upcoming: a treat day at the spa today and celebrating with my family on the weekend. Read on if you’re at all curious!

I booked off Wednesday through to Friday of this week both for my birthday and also because I had some baby related appointments in the big city. I worked Monday and Tuesday, went to the gym for an amazing workout on my way home Tuesday evening (hello leg weights, its been too long!).

We had an awesome hang out with Kendra and caught up on our TV show. Dinner consisted of rice or a bun + bbq pulled pork. Absolutely delicious! We ended up having a bit of a late night because it had been an extra week since I’d seen Kendra and as such we had a good amount to catch up on. That was okay though because I had the joy of SLEEPING IN on my birthday.

Wednesday morning started like any other day off – I was gently woken up as the hubby  got ready for work, but managed to snuggle back in with the cats and doze for another hour or so. I did hear a bit of a ruckus when the hubby was organizing his lunch and breakfast, but was too tired to investigate at the time (this was a good thing).

wp-1486091951028.jpgMeester Miao had had enough of sleeping and snuggling by about 845am, so we toddled downstairs intending to figure out some breakfast goodies and watch The Weather Network (my favourite channel). Mona was down waiting for us from her perch on the back of the couch. wp-1486092016771.jpg



I noticed the powder room door was closed and while I found this to be a touch odd, I didn’t immediately open it. Instead, I wandered into the kitchen and found a curious package wrapped in newspaper and topped with a sparkly green bow on the counter top along with my little white board where I write my “to-do lists.”


I’m happy to say that my list of to-do’s was very much intact, but there was a sweet little note in the top corner of the whiteboard. It had very clear instructions:wp-1486092016769.jpg


See? Very specific instructions!

  • Open the box..
  • Check the bathroom.

    So of course, I decided to leave the box for “After breakfast” and headed for the bathroom (the powder room…where the door was closed):

So Mister and I toddled to the bathroom, opened the door…and was like “What?! I don’t get it…” until I turned around and OMG! (As noted by my expression in the bottom left photo). I bloody well got the new FitBit Charge HR 2!!!! And its PURPLE!!! Please note how this matches my powder room wall colour. I found out after that the other option he could’ve gotten was teal/turquoise…which would match my current hair colour. But i’m super pumped about the purple because it awesome, but subtle enough that its not like “BAM!” in your face.

wp-1486091951020.jpgSo! Cue the absolute panic (and if you follow me on Snap Chat, then you’ll already be aware of the excitement and of how unexpected this was). I left the little beast to charge and kept the door closed so no kitties could go exploring (Mister likes to chew wires/cords.. little devil) and went to make some breakfast. While breakfast was cooking/toasting/whatever, I managed to unload and reload the dishwasher and set a few things to soak in the sink and then plopped myself down on the couch with this amazing birthday morning feast (and of course, The Weather Network on the tele!).

Afterwards I did eventually open the box and it was the FitBit Box… so next time I need to read the instructions and actually go in the order it says haha. Either way I was super surprised and just blown away. #besthubbyever !!

The rest of my day included a bunch of necessary (and not terrible) house chores:

  • Spray and let soak the bathtub and shower upstairs (and then clean them out)
  • Clean the kitchen (including finish the remaining dishes)
  • Wipe off the stove top and counters (this kind of falls under point 2)
  • Clean the powder room *I forgot to windex the mirror…so probably i’ll do that today
  • Work on some crafts (more on this in a future post!)
  • Relax and watch a movie or two
  • Pack for the city because of appointments

I’m happy to say that I accomplished all of the above. I watched Harry Potter #1 and #3 in the afternoon while I waited for the hubby to come home from work. He did arrive (a bit later than either of us expected I think, but work does that sometimes) and we had leftover pulled pork on buns and also a nice mixed salad for dinner. I love leftovers!

The wp-1486091950986.jpghubby also decided to surprise me with some birthday dessert. As he was a bit too late to pick up cake (his own words), he picked up frozen yogurt instead!! It was two different kinds of chocolate and also some black cherry. Oh Em Gee. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

After dinner and dessert we finished packing and did a factory reset on my original fitbit so the hubby could use it for himself… we will see how long that lasts. I am definitely winning in the “# of steps” department because i’m quite a bit shorter and therefore take many more steps to keep up/cover the same distance. Never thought being short would come in so handy! After it was all organized, we made our way out to the city in advance of our Thursday appointments.

I’ll try to keep the rest of this brief (this post is getting a touch lengthy!). We were VERY early for my pacemaker appointment through no fault of our own. We thought we were maybe 5 minute early for our 10am appointment… but by 11:10am I inquired to see if they had forgotten about us (it was quite busy). Turns out I was only 10min past my appointment time at that point. I mentioned that I was told to come for 10am and confirmed that when I had my reminder call just a few days before. I still ended up waiting until maybe 11:25am, but we were okay with that because I brought some knitting and the hubby had a good book to read.

After the pacer was checked and my EP doctor checked over everything, I made my next appointment and we toddled down to Starbucks for a treat bevvie to go with our lunch that we packed (by we, I mean the hubby). Even after eating and relaxing for a smidge, we were still early for my 3rd trimester echo and cardiology appointment across the street, but figured we may as well go over and register on the off chance we’d get in a touch early.

I think we were 30 or 45min early and they took us in right away (thanks to whoever didn’t show up for their 1pm appointment!). Everything checked out mostly awesome, so I’m not really concerned about anything. We were back to the car and on the road 10minutes before my last appointment was even scheduled to begin. Since its an awfully long drive even without rush hour traffic, we were quite happy to be out an hour or so in advance.

Once we got home, dinner was made and much relaxing was done. We rounded out the evening by beginning to clear out things in the office as we prepare to transition it to a nursery room. There is still a lot to clear out/go through, but the bookshelves are mostly empty now (all boxed up and in the guest room for now). Hopefully our wallpaper arrives soon and we can begin taping off the room and painting! I am VERY excited for this part of the home reno… ready to start nesting!

On that happy note, I’m going to sign off and will check in sometime after my sister’s baby shower (this weekend) and birthday celebrating with my parents!

‘Til then,


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