Framing Update in the Basement Reno Adventure!

Oh Hellooo,
So I have a few more time-lapse videos to share with you all regarding our basement renovation progress. I am super pleased to announce that we finally finished framing in the basement – minus two areas that we didn’t -really- plan on framing (laundry room & a storage area). This past weekend was VERY busy in terms of renovations, if you’re curious… read on! 

On Friday night, I went straight home from work instead of stopping at the gym (last week was lacking in fitness of the traditional sort!). I picked up Sir Hubby and we went up town to look at a wall paper sample for our little nugget’s room. It was a bit more expensive than I was anticipating, but the hubby was a-ok with that (and it was really lovely wall paper!) so we ordered it anyways. That started be to hmmming & haaa-ing about what paint colour to select for the other 3 walls in the bedroom: do I want a nice slate blue? or a soft creamy yellow? maybe sage green?? Since we have no idea if we’re having a girl or a boy, its kind of hard to pick a specific direction. I think we will end up selecting a colour -from- the wall paper itself and running with that. I can add decorative items/pillows after the fact. After that, and a quick trip to the hardware store, we ate dinner and then had an awesome games night with our neighbours. I won another round of Gloom… pleased-as-punch, I am!

Saturday morning was a little iffy, but we made pancakes and eventually got to building the last three walls in the basement. One was quite easy, the other two a bit more finicky. But we hunkered down and got it done. It basically took all day. 

Sunday morning started very late for us, we ate brunch just before noon (oh hey there bacon and eggs!). We called my dad to ask him to give us a brief run-through on how to use the Ramset Gun and then began hammering the walls into the concrete. It was very loud, but also very awesome. Mid day we took a break to tidy up a bit because one of my lovely co-workers and her daughter were swinging by to pick up a desk we no longer needed.. truthfully I don’t know why we had it to begin with, but that’s okay. So they got a mini tour of the house and basement reno and then the hubby helped load the desk bits into their van.

After that it was decided that we needed a tobogganing break.

Things of note:

  • When you’re 6 months pregnant, your snow-pants just don’t do up. That zipper wasn’t budging.
  • Walking up the little hill in our backyard is a lot harder than it used to be.
  • Managing to actually get down and SIT in the little toboggan is also much harder…

I did two runs and was satisfied with my winter adventure. A few minutes of drooling over perfectly formed snowflakes and then we were back inside and making hot cocoa with frothed/foamed milk. LE YUM.

But of course… no rest for the wicked (or weary!), back downstairs we went to continue hammering walls into floors and leveling/plumbing everything up. By 8pm we had half of the basement completely finished and then we moved some furniture around so that tonight we can tackle some more. It -will- be complete by Tuesday evening (the end of January).

Rainbow Trout and mixed veggies for dinner (I maybe over did it on the lemon juice haha, but it was still yummy) and then we wandered out for some groceries. That basically rounded out our weekend. I made my lunch for today (Monday) and had a lovely oatmeal bath before tucking into bed. I am very excited that it is nearly February.. Wednesday, February 1st is my THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY and while I’m off from work Wed>Fri for vacation, I’m not planning on doing too much. I might see if I can get my hair cut, or maybe treat myself to a pedicure or something, but otherwise its going to be my usual day-off business: cleaning the house, going to the gym, and cooking dinner.

Thursday we’re back for another cardiac check-up and then Friday I’m not even sure what I’m doing. I should take it all as it comes, a day at a time, and just wing it.

Until then, I guess!


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