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Hey Internet Family (and actual family?)

Remember last post I mentioned that the hubby and I had the opportunity to take some maternity photos for our friends? Well, I heard back from the Mom-to-Be and she’s totally cool with me including some photos in today’s blog post! Brilliance… if you’re interested in seeing some photos of a gorgeous woman and her amazing baby bump, read on! *Warning – I’m also including an update of that whole day haha… continue at your own risk!


Okay. So last weekend on January 21st, the hubby and I had quite the day planned. As most of our plans go, we got started late because we couldn’t get out of bed. You know bed in the winter time… with all the flannels…and warmth and. Yes, I’ll stop… because its making me want to go snuggle in right now. That wouldn’t be productive.

Anyways, we finally got “on the move” and headed out of town for the city where I work. We had planned on a quick-ish pitstop at the mall to return something from Christmastime. Lucky for us the store (H&M) was super cool about it because the receipt said like “return by ___” and it was like the week prior. I think they were chill with it because we were more so exchanging for a different size than actually returning the item. I also decided to splurge and upgrade my cellphone. I know..i know. I don’t really -need- a new cell phone, but Koodo was giving me a sweet deal and I didn’t want to pass it up. I upgraded from an S4 to an S7 and my goodness the camera. Ah! Not going to lie, the camera was one of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade. My poor old S4 camera was having a heck of a time focusing on anything useful and it was getting super annoying, but the S7 has epic low-light capabilities AND a bloody manual mode! HECK YAAAS.

So we finished that good stuff and the hubby bought me 3 new maternity t-shirts a la Old Navy (I love that store: so affordable, and I find that the clothing lasts. I have like 2 pairs of jeans from there and they’re both still going quite strong). I really did need those shirts, I’ve been rotating through two long sleeved and one short sleeve maternity T for work and its getting a little tricky. My regular t-shirts aren’t quite long enough to cover up my bump these days.

After all of that mall-going excitement, we pootled across the street to Babies-R-Us to set-up a registry for our impending nugget. We attempted to be very frugal and “to-the-point” when selecting items for our registry. My sister had already created hers with the help of a friend, so we used hers as a reference for “essentials” and Babies-R-Us has a handy guide for customers who are setting up a baby registry. It was a lot of fun.

After we finished with baby goodies, we grabbed some quick snacks and headed out for our Photography Appointment (don’t I sound professional? haha) with our friends. Last week in our neck of the woods was HELLA FOGGY for like… days, possibly even the entire week. It was ridiculous. I still haven’t seen much sunshine and its starting to drive me batty. Anyways we got there just a bit later than planned, but they were still getting ready, so we were good. The husband’s parents’ house has a lovely bit of land with a big pond and a little forest of evergreen trees on the property. It made for some stunning photos. I think that fog can really help create a mood for photos (creepy if you want, but also kind of ethereal too). It would’ve been nice to have more snow – its mostly all melted at my house, but there was a bit left around where we were taking photos. I think we stayed outside for maybe an hour or so and between the hubby and I, we collected many photos for our friends. In the end, after editing, we had 68 images! Don’t worry, I won’t ramble on forever.. but I also won’t feel bad if you just scroll down and see a few 😉

We definitely tried to cut down our numbers this time (as we also did their maternity photos for baby #1, but sometimes its just too much fun and you take loads. Its all digital, and we had a blast, so I’m really not bothered by having so many.

After taking photos, we headed inside to warm up a bit (it wasn’t cold exactly, but quite damp) and then we drove out to see how renovations are progressing on their new house. It looks amazing, of course…and i’m SO excited that they’re making great progress. Dinner as a thank-you for taking photos came after that and it was amazingly delicious (Lone Star Texas Grill). We made it home in good time, despite the super foggy conditions and on Sunday we tackled some more basement renovations. I’ll save that for a future post though! Scroll on, my lovelies (if you’re still with me) for some pictures… I’ll include a few from their first pregnancy if only so we can see how much my photography skills have changed over the last two years or so. Feel free to click on the individual images to see them properly (without the grid-cropping).

February 2015:

January 2017:

I am SUPER pleased with how both sets turned out. I feel like my photography is improving and a slow and steady pace. Its a bit harder to judge than I was thinking because the conditions were much different between the two days (blue skies, sunshine, and snow two years ago to damp, cool, and very very foggy this last weekend).

The momma-to-be is thrilled with both the photos that I took and the ones my hubby took. So really I couldn’t be happier. This makes me VERY excited for having my own maternity photos done (April 1st!). SO so pumped.

On that note.. this post is officially cut off because its gotten way long! Stick around for a basement reno-update (maybe this weekend?) as I have many a time-lapse to edit and upload to youtube. New videos in the near future.


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