It’s Been a While!

Hey Friends,

I know its been a short while since the last update and boy-o-boy have many things happened!

We have made much more progress on our basement reno adventures:

  • The section beside where the built-in bookcases are going is all framed in. This six foot long area will house my desk that is currently in the office. The desk is 6’x 2′ semi floating desk (it has 3 spindles at the front for stability) and has a lovely trim round the non-walled-in sides. The top is painted white and mint green in a chevron pattern (by moi) and then there is a glass top on it with two holes at the back for cables and cords. The hubby and I built it shortly after we got married if I remember correctly.
  • The next piece of wall-skeleton that we created was to frame in where our sump-pump is. We decided to create a wall right beside it and to almost create a mini closet/storage area under the stairs. This took the better part of a weekend… not because it was a large area, but because we hmmm’d and haaah’d about it – not quite sure how we wanted to go about building it. Finally the hubby decided to create a doorway that will eventually hold a simple bi-fold closet door.
  • This weekend (Sunday/today) we managed to frame in the section of wall right when you come down the basement stairs. It was relatively simple, minus accounting for the beam in the ceiling. So, since nothing we’re creating is load bearing, the hubby decided to do two walls with like a 5″ gap between them to account for the width of the beam in the ceiling. Tadah! Thats all done now too.
  • We have also laid out vapour barrier and measured for the next wall. It was quite late at this point in our adventure that we’ve decided to cut the pieces and assemble it tomorrow after work… less chance of waking the neighbour’s kiddos this way.

After that wall is up, there are two similar length walls to create: one that will wall of where the basement bathroom will eventually go, and one to frame in beside the furnace. The last little section (opposite where my desk will go) will likely be the most finicky of them all because we have to account for the ductwork in the ceiling…and it is quite wide. SO i’m not sure exactly how we’re gonna do it – but we’ll figure it out when we get there.

Im hoping that this week and upcoming weekend we will get that all complete…then its just time to tap everything into the floor and get the electrical done! Drywall after that…and then its out of my hands because I won’t be sanding or priming/painting.

Ideally February will be all about OFFICE >>> NURSERY transition…and then we’ll dive back into basement mode until the little one arrives. I’m sure that the hubby will manage to surprise me again and again by completing more than I can imagine in the 3.5 months we have left. I’d really like to have most of it complete by the end of March/first week of April so that we can really just nest and make sure we’re ready (as ready as you can be of course!)

Other exciting things that have happened:

  • We created our baby registry on Saturday!! It was a lot of fun looking through things at the store, but we really did try our hardest to keep things to a minimum/just the essentials. There are a few things I’d like to register for, but they didn’t have them at the store…so I’m thinking I’ll probably just pick them up myself after our baby shower
  • We had the pleasure of photographing our lovely friends Richard & Liane on Saturday afternoon. They’re expecting their second little bundle of joy in about 5 weeks now and wanted us to do some more maternity photos for them. We did their photos for their first pregnancy 2 years ago in February. The weather was significantly different this time around: a lot less snow and a lot more fog!
  • I am currently just waiting for the “ok” to post some of the photos here on the blog … so as soon as I have the thumbs up, I’ll write up a nice post with some snapshots that I took on Saturday.
  • Richard and Liane were also super lovely and took us out to dinner at Lone Star Texas Grill …I’d never been before and it was quite yummy. I had a giant chicken chimichanga. Delish!

That’s all for now in terms of updates. Its quite late and I need to wash out my hairdye before I hit the hay.



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