Basement Update

Hello Again –  as promised from that last brief post, I have a proper basement renovation update for you all!

I managed to upload the pictures from our first wall building session and I used them to create a time-lapse movie as I did with those meal prep videos way back. Once again I used iMovie on my computer to put it all together, so the background music is free/built into the program. My camera battery kinda chuffed out part way through…so it ends a touch abruptly. I am happy to say that we did complete that entire wall that day (last Monday) including framing in around the window (though I think the hubby has decided to adjust that part a little bit).

I will post the video just below – and another update is in the works because we tackled more this weekend. I am very pumped for next weekend because we aren’t planning on going anywhere, so theoretically we will have the full weekend to tackle more wall bits. Once all of the studs are up, electrical can happen (when my brother in law is available)… and we can also start work on the nursery (currently where i’m hanging out because right now its an office).

Anyways, hope you enjoy the video. Keep looking back for basement reno updates and fun life adventures. Many more appointments in my not so distant future…


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