Happy New Year!

Hello All – I sure hope you had a great time rounding out 2016 & welcoming the new year. 

We had a very relaxing start to the final day of 2016: I jetted up town for 45min or so to get my hair cut while the hubby stayed in bed (lucky guy), but I was treated to a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs when I got home. We lazed for a few hours then until I decided to organize some laundry and put away some Christmas gifts. I’m quite glad I managed that because it meant much less to do today.

We had New Years Eve plans at Kendra & Rob’s place this year (keeping it going since last year) and the hubby and I were planning on being a yummy taco dip & some homemade truffles. I got to work on my chocolate ganache so it had plenty of time to cool and set up before we had to go. The recipe called for a can of full fat coconut milk & about 8oz of chocolate. 

the recipe lied. 

The ganache never set up, so I turned it into a chocolate cheesecake fondue dip and we brought our mini-dipper along to keep the sauce warm and melty. After that, we ran up town to pick up some boozie bevvies for the hubby to enjoy & the necessary ingredients for our taco dip then back home to get ready.

The taco dip is super easy and adjustable. I can’t eat avocado (boo) so we don’t include guacamole. Basically take any oven safe dish and layer in: cream cheese mixed with sour cream (makes it easier to scoop) and taco seasoning, shredded cheese, salsa, refried beans, and more shredded cheese. Once you’re ready to enjoy it, pop it in the oven to warm up and get all melty. Boom! You’ve got yourself a super delicious and easy party dip!

The hubby and I decided to rock onesies again this New Years Eve – he was a snowman and I was a unicorn. This meant we were both very comfortable and cozy warm when walking from the car to the house. It’s always awesome when you can show up to a gathering in your jammies and still be welcome.

Kendra and Rob are stellar hosts and made a great dinner for us alone: roasted potatoes, zucchini, soup, corn, salad, and Three Little Piggies (pork stuffing inside a pork loin (I think) & wrapped with bacon). Oh yummy. Dessert was also amazing thanks to everyone chipping in an item: coconut cream pie, apple crumble, giant cookie, & chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallows.

After we were all stuffed, we chatted and caught up while chilling on the couch. At about 11:50pm we decided we should turn on the TV to be ready to watch the ball drop at midnight. Rob readied champagne (grapefruit juice & fizzy water for me) and we all shouted Happy New Year at the strike of twelve, kissed our significant others and took some photos. 

Happy 2017 from The Hubby, Nugget, & I !

Hubby and I arrived back home by 2am (lucky guy has a built in DD) and slept til 11am or so on New Years Day… It was glorious. Today, the first day of 2017, we were actually quite productive. The Christmas tree and garlands are all put away, some laundry has been done, and the dishes are all tidied up and put away. The rest of the day has been for lazing with the cats and a hot cocoa. 

Tomorrow we start work on THE BASEMENT..



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