Christmas Cookies

Occasionally I feel the need to bake for the festive season. Not for any one person in particular, but it’s fun to bring treats to various gatherings. 

This year, along with our friend Kendra, we managed to make yummy Christmas desserts spread out along a few Tuesday nights. Earlier in the month we made a three ingredient peppermint fudge from Pinterest I think. You pretty much warm up chocolate and sweetened condensed milk until it’s all melty. Mix and stir, pour into your desired container and if you wish, sprinkle on some crushed candy canes. 

We also made some nice and simple shortbread cookies in different Christmas shapes. They turned out quite well… Didn’t last very long as a result. The next weekend I made loads of sugar cookies in preparation for our Tuesday evening gather. We whipped up some royal icing in a few different colours for flooding and just plain white for piping. 

Swirling a bunch of colours together once we were finished.

They whole adventure of dinner and relaxation + decorating cookies went quite well. It had been a while since any of us had decorated cookies and I kind of forgot how tedious it was. Don’t get me wrong, it was loads of fun, just very time consuming and probably not the best idea to start so late on a week night. The hubby and I finished decorating the rest of them the next weekend and brought some to my parents place. 

Sugar cookies iced by hubby and I

The hubby also made his own gingerbread from scratch and created a very fun gingerbread house. We used the remaining gingerbread dough to make some cookies and decorated a few with royal icing. They were quite yummy. As always, we had a supervisor to make sure we stayed on track and didn’t eat too many in the process…

Supervisor cat.

Pretty much all of the cookies are gone, so I’m contemplating making some treats on the Friday just before Christmas… If I’m up for it!


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