Frosty & Snow, man!

December is a very busy month for Bagels, as it is for many families. We celebrate two birthdays, our anniversary, and of course Christmas!

As its been a short while since my last update, let me give you a run down of the excitement over the past week and a bit. The weekend of December 10th had the hubby and I travelling around quite a bit (when doesn’t it?). Luckily we both managed to get the Friday and Monday as vacation time so we each had a four-day weekend. Couldn’t have timed it better because we got a good dump of snow on Thursday night. 

Friday morning had us startled awake by the delivery man who had our lumber & drywall for basement land… Unfortunately for us, no one called to warn us he was en route so we were caught in our Jammie’s. Fortunately for us he was super cool about it and even helped us shovel out part of the driveway. After that excitement I quickly scarfed down breakfast and popped over to the eye doctors for a check up. They often do a “BOGO” sale in November & December so I managed to lock down a good deal for both new regular glasses and new sunglasses. Haven’t gotten the call that they are ready yet, but hopefully this week I can pick them up. I might take my current frames in with me to see what it would cost to have new lenses put into them with the updated prescription because I love them so much. As a secret awesome bonus to being so little (not like super little, but small enough), I can get away with looking at kids frames. Saves a bit of money that way.

Après eye docs, I toddled back home where the hubby was shovelling and creating space in the garage for our Reno goodies. We had lunch and tea and mostly just chilled for a while. I think the hubby fell asleep on the couch after we figured out when we were going to head out for our date night. I finished colouring a handmade card for the celebrations and then decided to get ready to go (I like to take my time… That’s a nice way of saying I’m slower than molasses). Once the hubby woke up and got moving, we left for dinner at The Keg – a special anniversary treat! 

Part of the card I made. Hubby as Hawkeye from The Avengers… I got him a gift card to an archery place.

The Keg is not a restaurant we visit frequently, so it is always a really exciting time. I almost always get the same thing: mushrooms Neptune as an appetizer, Oscar sirloin as a main. This time wasn’t much different , though I went with their smallest steak for my main (6oz) and still couldn’t finish it after the mushrooms and a salad. My bevvie of choice was a virgin caesar with pickle juice added in (something my sister adds when she makes hers). 

After dinner we drove to the movie theatre to watch Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them in the VIP section. I had never been to see a movie in the VIP theatre before, and let me tell you… I never want to go back to the regular type. I had a lovely earl grey tea and the hubby had some green tea. The seats were extra comfy and even reclined. Wow.

All in all it was a lovely evening ending with a fantastic movie. Here’s to another year together!



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