Footloose & Fancy-Free

Every Christmas since my hubby has been working at his current job, a group of doctors put on a fancy Christmas dinner for the staff and their spouses.

Ive gone at least the last three years or so (before that I think us living apart made it a bit tricky for me to arrive in time). It’s something I look forward to each year because it signals the beginning of the festive season and it’s a night where we all get to dress up really fancy.
Lucky for me, I was off the day of the party this year. I managed to swing by to get my hair cut before I needed to start getting ready. I have been trying to grow out the sides of my hair since October when last the hubby shaved it down for me. I’m slowly changing it from a proper Mohawk to more of a pixie cut, the hair dresser says that by the time I’m due for my next cut, it will have grown out enough.

I had enough time to have a snack and wrap up some Christmas gifts before ‘putting my face on’ which was perfect because I had privacy to wrap a gift for the hubby and for my secret Santa.

The hubby got home from work and as he’s a gentleman, it takes him much less time to get ready to go. We left our house mostly on time and stopped to pick up his coworkers husband. Then the three of us drove out to this fancy golf and country club to meet up with the rest of the SLPeeps and their plus ones.

Hubby and I at the dinner table

As always dinner was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS… Melt in your mouth roast beef. Omg. The speeches were brief and the prize draw was just as suspenseful as last year. One of the SLPeeps one this year too and she was a bit nervous going up to the front to pick out a gift. They had a spot dance for prizes too and the hubby put his name in for a fit bit and we had a lovely dance. Sadly he didn’t win, but the dancing was fun!

We called it a night around 1140pm because it was a good 45 min drive home and I was getting sleepy… I was also the built in DD.

Saturday had us being mostly lazy as we caught up on sleep and relaxation post party. We did manage to get our butts in gear enough to order the lumber and drywall for our basement renovation at the local Home Depot. They are going to deliver it next Friday sometime. Hopefully that means we will get started on building some walls soon!

We came home and I was starving (I need to remember to pack snacks wherever I go). The hubby BBQ’d burgers, mushrooms, and bacon while I made a simple salad with goat cheese. We watched Home Alone 1 & 2 while we enjoyed tea and relaxed the rest of the evening.



Hope everyone is having a magical Christmas season! Or that you are having a wonderful time celebrating your respective holidays.


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