Bumps for Days

I know I haven’t spoken much about our little nugget since making the big announcement here on the blog, but some exciting things have happened since then!

This past Thursday we had a slew of tests for both baby and I. There were 5 appointments in total booked for the day and then we added on one at the end. It sounds like an insanely long day, and it is, but I love that they can coordinate all of our tests and consults for one day because we live so far away from where I’m being taken care of…

Conveniently my in laws live in the big city, so we drive up the night before our visit to the hospital. We usually arrive late in the evening so we have a chance to relax after work and also so we don’t get stuck in really bad traffic on our drive down. 

This past Thursday had us waking up crazy early to be at Sick Children’s Hospital for 7:30am for a Fetal Echo. That’s basically an ultrasound of our nugget’s heart while he or she is still cooking away to make sure all of the bits and pieces are there and in the right spots. After the test we stayed in the waiting area until the tech and Doctor had a chance to go over all of the images. They came out to let us know the results – there was nothing major that they found (woo!). There are always some limitations with tests, so there is the chance they missed something small, but I’ve always said I can handle the small things.

After we finished at Sick Kids, we headed to our usual stomping ground: TGH. We checked in for an adult echo and about an hour ish later we were rushing across the street (4 lanes both ways) to make it to the OPG building for the rest of our appointments. 

First was check up with my cardiologist who is probably one of the greatest docs ever. We were seen by one of her fellows first to get the basics dealt with and then I signed some paper work to be part of a research study a few of the docs are conducting. The study is to see how women with a variety of heart problems manage through pregnancy: if and when they get any cardiac symptoms, if meds need to be taken or changed, etc. We spoke with my cardiologist briefly (luckily I’m doing really well, so consults have been brief) and then toddled off for our anatomy scan. 

Nugget cooperated for almost the whole scan, but towards the end I needed to either eat a snack or drink some water and then do thirty toe touches and lay on my tummy. It must’ve helped because the finally had all the images they needed and we were allowed a quick peak while our lovely tech showed us some bits and pieces. She skipped over the bits that would tells us what we were having, because I decided neither of us would know (hubby can find out for baby #2 when that happens). 

It would be cool to say we were done after that, but no rest for the wicked! We had our check up and weigh-in with the nurse and then spoke with a fellow who works with our OB. Luckily all of that was mostly quick and we checked out after getting our next appointment date. 

That would have been the end of our adventure, but my pacemaker has still been giving me grief on bumpy roads, so my cardiologist suggested seeing if the pacemaker clinic could squeeze me in for an adjustment. Lucky for me they could… Unlucky for our drive as it then took a good 3 hours and 40 minutes to get home (1hr 40 min of that was just trying to get to the hughway). Won’t know if the adjustment worked until Monday or so when I drive into work, but my fingers are crossed.

All in all it was a ridiculously long day full of awesome news all around. We are officially 19 weeks along now so I just need to get through the second half with this level of good luck.

Stay tuned around here because there will be some fun and festive updates as we get closer to Christmas!


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