Feeling Festive?

Hello All,

Well I hate to say it, but Christmas 2016 went by in a blur. As i’m sure it did last year and the year before that. I still can’t believe that after all of the build up and excitement, its all over!

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Merry Christmas!

Quick little post today as it is the BIG DAY! We are at home with family celebrating the Christmas season. Today has been filled with traditional breakfast (scrambled eggs and kielbasa) and much relaxation after not much sleep. We arrived just before 3am thanks to midnight mass at the cathedral (was lovely!) and of course I woke up around 830am because that’s just how I roll. Currently awaiting my big sister and her hubby while we laze about. Tons of gifts under the tree all wrapped and ready to be distributed once we are ready to beg opening . Til then I’m content to relax with the puppy and share a few photos of the last couple of adventures:

Amazing new card game the hubby picked up.
Thanks to Christmas stockings that we opened on Friday evening, we now have 2 expansion packs.
My brother in law opening his birthday gifts last weekend
A neatly hourglass full of metal filings that create cool sculptures when set on a magnet
Previously mentioned cool sculpture. Never the same design twice!

Stick around for some fun Christmas updates . I just love this time of year!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Walking & Talking

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting my friend & her toddler at the mall yesterday. I drove up the mountain (escarpment) after work to get a bit of Christmas shopping done while we were there. 

Unfortunately my friend’s little one is muddling through a bit of a cold? but she was in good spirits & had a nice treat of apple juice while we strolled.

I think we walked for easily 90 minutes with a random stop here & there. I do my absolute best  not to purchase anything for myself in the month of December, but with my belly fast expanding I’ve had to cave & buy some maternity tights & one pair of maternity workout capris. 

At the mall yesterday I “splurged” on a Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean lip chap and a box of oatmeal bath sprinkles. It seems that no matter how much I moisturize, my skin is just dry & itchy. I can tell you that it was quite the treat to myself to have a nice warm bath with the oatmeal to soothe my skin  (and the cat was pretty excited about it too & kept me company on the side of the tub).

I purchased two regular sized cinnamon buns from the Cinnabon kiosk at the mall for the hubby and I to enjoy & a box of small buns for my friend to take home. They are get husband’s favourite treat and he was very pumped to have them. 

All in all it was a wonderful & productive trip to the mall. I got to catch up with a great friend & I picked up a Christmas gift ♡ only one item left to snag & one parcel to pick up then im done! 

On that happy note, I leave you with a picture of an adorable 6 month sized onesie that my amazing coworker jusy gifted to me for the nugget: