Rainy Days

Last time on the mellow beat I mentioned we were heading out to enjoy the neighbouring town’s Christmas Parade with our friends. It was a very fun morning, though the weather was completely uncooperative!

The parade was scheduled to begin around 11am rain or shine, so we drove to our friend’s place for around 10:40 in the morning. Since it was raining and rather frosty outside, we drove down their street and parked a bit closer to the start of the parade route. Hot cocoas with marshmallows in hand, the four of us set up (mostly we just stood there) at the corner where the parade made its first turn. We had a great view!

Kendra “warned” me that this was a small to parade so it would be nothing like the big Toronto parade. That was perfectly fine to me as I’ve never been to the Toronto S.C. parade, just our local parade and the parade in the town where I grew up… Both of which are small and quaint.


This year’s theme was “Christmas at the Movies” or something to that effect. By the time Santa rolled around, I was quite glad to be heading back to the car as my toes had gotten quite cold and I was fresh out of cocoa.

After some time relaxing back at our friend’s place, we headed home to get tidied up and pack for a weekend at my in-laws. We were all gathering to celebrate their eldest’s 35th birthday at his in-laws house to make use of their games room. They have a juke box, two pinball machines, an air hockey table, a pool table, and some indoor shuffleboard thing? Needless to say it was a fun evening spent with friends and family.


And to round out this post, an update on the socks I started knitting just after I had my pacemaker put in…


They are a bit bigger than I was expecting, but I’m still happy with how they are working up. I’ve already cast on and started the cuff of the second sock… I’m hoping for two things: they match (in terms of size) & they shrink up a bit after some time in the dryer!

Otherwise I’ve got to keep plugging away on my baby blanket because there are many things to do around the house (hoping to decorate for Christmas this weekend OR work on the basement. I think decorating is more likely). That and I’ve got some lovely yarn I’d like to knit into a swaddling blanket for baby photos… And some gryffindor coloured yarn that is begging to be made into a little baby toque!

Much to do!



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