All Hallow’s Eve

Otherwise known as my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE time of the year! Though, if we’re being honest, I love pretty much every holiday (i’m aware Hallowe’en isn’t technically a holiday… but it should be!).

Every year as hallowe’en approaches, I’ve gotten more and more pumped for decorating the house for the spookiest time of the year. It has only gotten better since moving in beside our awesome neighbours, because, as luck would have it, they’re also big into decorating for every holiday!

This year, our neighbour built the facade of a mausoleum. It was built simply (but was quite effective) out of two by twos (I think) and some foam board insulation. Add some details, give it a good shape, slap on a coat or two of paint and voila! You’ve got yourself a creepy hallowe’en yard display.

I mean, part of one!

The hubby and I picked up some new nasty additions this year too: A 5 foot tall posable skeleton and a wolf-skeleton that howls at the moon. Both were very helpful in creating a spooky set up on the front lawn. We built some extra “cemetery fencing” to add to last years lot – this allowed us to block off most of the front lawn from the drive way so the kiddos had to walk “through the cemetery” to get to the treats. Not everyone figured it out – so we’re thinking next year we’ll make a sign to go at the entrance that says “Enter if you Dare” or something like that. I think the best use of our resources went to my hubby for creating a better fog chiller for the fog machine. You can search via google, or even on pinterest for a “fog machine chiller” and you get all sorts of interesting ideas. We used a cheap, dollar store foam cooler + a lot of ice/ice packs + thin, metal corrugated tubing.

You run the metal tubing (like exhaust for your clothes dryer) through
the cooler. Make sure that the tube pops through at both ends – one to attach the fog machine nozzle to, and one for the fog to escape once its been chilled. Once you’ve got that all done, fill the sucker up with ice (as much as you can, surrounding the tube entirely) and turn on the fog machine…obviously with the nozzle stuck into the “in side” of the chiller! Boom! low lying fog comes out the other end for an even spookier hallowe’en display.

We had the “out” end of our chiller positioned at the base of the mausoleum so it looked like the eerie mist was escaping from the haunted crypt. T’was amazing! All in all I wish we had gotten more trick or treaters (we only counted 39 this year), but hopefully next year we can let more people know. Scroll down for some photo of our front yard display!

Check back for some more fun announcements at The Mellow Beat! House renos are happening this winter – so lots of excitement will be going down over the next few months.



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