My sister’s wedding was already a month and a half ago! How on earth does time fly by so quickly?

I suppose it’s true what they say “time flies when you’re having fun.”

Very shortly, my sister and her husband will be flying out to Europe for their honeymoon! What an exciting adventure they will have: multiple countries over a good handful of days. I think they’re hitting Paris, Amsterdam… and a bunch more (clearly my memory is foggy…good reason for this that we’ll get to later!). Conveniently their trip will end at a farming conference (in Germany?) where my brother in law will be gathering up some information about new technology that can be implemented in barns. I believe they’ll be building at least one new barn in 2017.

The reason i’m telling you all this is because way back when, I semi-promised that I would upload a few photos from their wedding! And of course, life being how it is, I never really got around to that. SO, without further adieu, some lovely photos of my sister’s marvellous wedding day:

Mum figuring out the ribbons.







The “guest board” – a lovely stained wood board with their wedding date and “LOVE” in the middle. Made with love by one of my sister’s friends (on FB: RCM Sign Design).

So there you have it – just a few of the MANY snapshots I took throughout the day. I don’t have any from the ceremony as I was standing up with my sister, but the professional photographers were AMAZING!!! They even did some video (on FB: BeanBot Productions).

Hope you all enjoyed the very delayed photo-dump. Many new and exciting things coming to The Mellow Beat, so stick around!



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