Supermoon (super fail)

Mini update today folks. I have zero photos of the super moon. The hubby and I drove up the road on Monday evening & climbed up a small hill to have a clearer view of this astronomical treat. ..only to be bamboozled by the clouds!

It was, at least, a lovely sunset if you turned and looked the other way. so it wasn’t all lost !

Here’s a picture of my frosty self enjoying a lovely blue sky. what im not enjoying is my thermos full of tea – which I forgot at home. 

Adventures await: enjoying the neighbouring town’s Santa Claus parade tomorrow mid-day & celebrating my brother in law’s birthday in the evening. 

Wonderful things, both! 


Snuggles & Snacks

I’m lucky to have had an extra long weekend this past round thanks to my work having a holiday on the second Monday of November & not booking me to work on the Tuesday following that. Usually having a three day weekend is stellar, but four days off randomly without asking makes me constantly feel like I’m not where I’m supposed to be (ie: I messed up and I’m at home while I’m supposed to be at work). 

Regardless, I was feeling a touch run down earlier in the week, so the extra extra day off made a big difference in how I was feeling. I’ve been getting nice long sleeps at night, not necessarily uninterrupted, but long sleeps nonetheless. And taking it easy when I can throughout the daytime. 

This past Sunday I experienced my first pregnancy nosebleed. I hadn’t had a nosebleed in AGES so it was quite unexpected (if you read the last blog post, that was part of the reason I needed stain remover). Otherwise I haven’t had any crazy pregnancy issues pop up – we go in for a full day of appointments soon, so I’m hoping good luck and good health keeps me trucking til then. 

On my Monday off I woke up with the hubby (he got his holiday on Friday) and had some breakfast shortly after he left for the day. Usually my days off begin the same way: breakfast and The Weather Network on TV. Monday was no different, though after a while I switched to the fireplace channel to listen to some classical music while I thought about my day. 

I managed to sort out my priorities for the day and pulled a cottage roll out of the freezer to defrost; ran a hot water + bleach mix through the washing machine (empty) to get it all tidied up (sometimes the cats close the door and it can get a bit musty smelling in there…yay front loader); and put all of the remaining laundry away that the hubby did on Friday. After that I got dressed into some gym clothes, filled up my water bottle and headed out for a workout – Monday is almost always legs day for me, just with lighter weights now. I finished with a near 30 minute walk on the treadmill after lifting.

Lunch was the next priority – two fried eggs (yolks broken) on a whole wheat tortilla with a dribble of ketchup and some shredded cheese + a banana walnut bran muffin for dessert…But then I wanted a salad too and was cold, so I made a hot cocoa. 

The rest of my Monday consisted of snuggling with my kittens under my big homemade ripple blanket while blogging and crocheting a baby blanket (for my own little nugget, oh my goodness). I’m following another pattern from Attic 24 – The Granny Stripe. I’ve made blankets a plenty with this pattern and it never gets old. My favourite blanket that I’ve made with this pattern was for my Grandma; a bright and colourful stripe using red heart acrylic yarn. She loves it because it’s nice and heavy and keeps her very warm. For my current blanket, I’m making a winter white and grey stripe using Bernat Blanket yarn (it’s very thick and soft & I imagine it will work up very fast too).

To round out my Monday there was more snuggling with the kitties and a photography attempt at capturing the super moon. We saw it on our Sunday evening stroll, but thought it was supposed to be biggest on Monday night…we were confused haha. To make up for it, enjoy a picture of one of our kitties.

Fingers crossed I have some super moon photos ready to go by next post!


Family Time

This past weekend, the hubby and I decided to surprise my Grandma with a visit and some treats. Initially I wanted to arrive by 11am to her place, but it took me a bit to get moving on Saturday morning. Once I was finally dressed and good to head out, I realized just how much my little bump has grown – I look more pregnant and less full of Halloween candy.

We stopped at this awesome polish deli in Hamilton (Starpolski) to pick up really good kielbasa, crusty bread, and some eggs – Grammie was really surprised and thrilled (we called her the next day be we had forgotten our pierogies in her freezer and she had nearly polished off the kielbasa at that point and was thrilled to be able to eat he pierogi too). 

We visited for a good 4 hours with her – just let her talk away about pretty much anything. The hubby reset her bedroom ceiling fan too, because she can’t reach it and likes it to be on the lightest setting. Mum had unfortunately left it on hurricane mode on her last visit.

After visiting Grandma, we stopped at my parents place to catch up with them. I feel like it had been ages since I’d seen them – my little brother visited me at work on Friday (he is doing a nursing placement at the same hospital where I work) and I had seen my dad since thanksgiving after a doctor appointment one day in late October. Unfortunately I hadn’t had the chance to see my mum since turkey day and so I was quite pumped to snuggle with her… I use the term snuggle loosely – we sit together on the couch with their dog between us because he’s a mumma’s boy.

My mum had spent the earlier hours cleaning the house – all of her soaping supplies were away, which unfortunately meant no soaping adventure, but it did mean a delightfully delicious sit down meal! We had a pot roast (?? I think) with carrots, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and turnip. It was heavenly and oh so cozy. We even got a Tupperware with enough leftovers for our dinner on Sunday and it was just as spectacular.

Before and after dinner relaxation had the hubby playing some games & mum and I looking at baby items. We scoped out baby monitors, bassinets and the such like. Hubby and I even managed to settle on a monitor and added it to our Christmas list.We arrived home late and I went directly to bed, completely zonked from the day.

 Sunday had us lazing about hardcore for a good spot of the day, but we eventually made it out to Walmart for a few items (& stuff we didn’t need of course). I picked up a body pillow to help support my tummy and hips, spray and wash for the laundry, and some nasal strips to help beat the congestion I’ve developed from being preggers (so far they work well). We grabbed a few Christmassy items for decoration and a gift or two. The hubby spent the afternoon tidying more out I the garage and I did some more research on cloth diapers. 

All in all, a very stellar weekend spent being lazy and productive all at the same time.

Stay tuned for some crochet fun & a baby furniture update.


The Biggest -little- Announcement

For anyone who has been reading the last few posts here on The Mellow Beat, you may have noticed that I’ve been hinting at some new and exciting changes. For one thing, we are tackling our unfinished basement this winter season. Nothing too extreme there as we aren’t planning on installing flooring or a ceiling for a while. Just the walls and some built-in bookcases/mantel for a future wall mounted fireplace. We are also moving our office furniture into the basement once it is ready to go.

The reason for the sudden desire to relocate our office and finish up the basement (minus the need for plugs and a place to edit photos), is that we are converting our current office into room… 

A nursery room… 

For our future little mister or miss!!

 That’s right friends, the Bagels are multiplying! 

Two bagels and their soon to be bagel-bite.

Our little bundle of awesome is due in the spring and as such we have the winter months available to complete any renovations and convert the office. I’m planning on an enchanted forest themed nursery room – obviously I originally planned on a Harry Potter inspired room, but thought it could too easily get over cluttered and busy. This way I still get a hint of magic, but a more clean and simple overall feel.

I’m slowly researching a few baby related things: 

  • The feasibility of cloth diapering (even half the time)
  • What items are must haves
  • What items we really dont need
  • Signing up for prenatal classes

On top of all of that I have to travel quite a distance for all of my pregnancy appointments because of the ol ticker. I will be taken care of a high risk special pregnancies program – so far they’ve been amazing! A lot of my appointments have been scheduled for the same day even though I’m in three places/ hospitals. We only have to drive up for that one day to take care of 3 different appointments and see 2 doctors. Fantastic. And so far, from how I feel, the ol ticker is doing well!

I think we plan on making one big purchase each month until the little nugget arrives (crib, glider, etc). I did find a great deal on the stroller/car seat combo we liked and purchased that earlier this week. So that’s one big thing down! I don’t think we will purchase a change table, but we will be refinishing a dresser and building a base for it to bring it up to change table height. This way we save a good chunk of change and I can just pick up a change table top (the foam thing) and a few covers to stick on the top of the dresser. Perfect!

Not that I’m expecting comments or anything, but if you have kiddos what are some of the items you couldn’t imagine living without? Items you thought you needed, but turns out you didn’t really use them much? And if you cloth diaper, what is your favourite kind? (I’m looking into hybrid fitteds).

On that super fun note, stick around for fun house reno and baby updates!


All Hallow’s Eve

Otherwise known as my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE time of the year! Though, if we’re being honest, I love pretty much every holiday (i’m aware Hallowe’en isn’t technically a holiday… but it should be!).

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